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Badu Fogs up the "Window Seat"…with Truth

erykahbaduOn Monday, March 29, 2010, singer Erykah Badu exposed her bottom, the Nation’s agenda of self-sabotage and sexual hypocrisy in her new music video for “Window Seat,” the opening single for her latest album New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh.In the video, Badu is walking in public slowly stripping away layers of clothing until she is naked, then shot in the head. The footage was taped on the same Dallas, TX street where U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Her overall message was that individuality was being eliminated by one another. We are all bound to conformity, and fear things that we don’t understand. Therefore, we must shed the layers of insecurities from ourselves in order to grow.

Badu herself indicated that she expected controversy and backlash. Hence, as the days have gone by, it seems that her curvaceous nakedness is getting more attention than the political and social symbolism of the Kennedy assassination. The taboo that’s attached to nudity in today’s music imagery is what’s at the heart of the controversy. Before anyone relegates Badu to just another female artist trying to salaciously attract attention to sell records, please consider the following:

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Men are Men, Dogs are Dogs

menaredogsMen are dogs! That’s it plain and simple, no need to read any further. Thanks for your time and attention. If only it was that simple.

First things first, check the dictionary and you will find two extremely different definitions for dog and man. So why has this weak cop out been believed and accepted by women for so long. Well if you are satisfied with this unfounded tale you can turn the page now but if you are ready for the unadulterated truth: continue reading.


Ladies the problem starts with training. Men are trained wrong from boyhood. And training starts the first day a
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