updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession

Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession
Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession
Saiqa Akhter, a 30 year old mother, places a 911 call with a shocking confession. As you'll hear from the video added below, Ms. Akhter placed a call from her Irving, Texas home and openly admitted killing her two children. She states that the cause of death was strangulation.

The 911 operator remained calm and asked the proper questions paying close attention to detail. The mother calmly explained in detail all that transpired. In the conversation, she told the 911 operator, " They are blue and their heart is not beating!"

The 911 operator asked key questions as to "How did she kill them and why?"

 Saiqa Akhter remained calm, saying that she feels nothing. Her reason for killing her children was, in her own words, "Because they are autistic. I don't want kids like that! I want normal kids!"


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1123144_walk_on_pierHave you ever heard the expression "Mama's baby, poppas maybe?” I bet you have and a lot of times that is the case because, a mother cannot deny she is the mother of her child. However, a man can deny his children any day and time, until a DNA results proves him wrong.

Mothers are often forced to raise babies on their own and they hardly get the credit they deserve. Now days anyone can be a guardian to a child. Especially if one or both parents are not in the picture or can not provide financial support for the care of their children.

I remember when I was working for ACS, also known as Agency of Children Services, and came across some cases that did not have a mother in the home. As I began my research I started thinking if the mother was not deceased then why were they not in the picture? I was stunned about what I found. This particular case really touched my heart.

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02241622When I was a little girl my dad was in the military and I remember being at the airport with my grandmother, my brother, and my cousin. I was three or four years old at the time. I remember as we watched the airplanes going into the sky. My cousin and brother were yelling at each other saying, “That’s, my daddy! No, that’s my daddy!” I just looked through the fence, watching the plane, thinking that the army was in the clouds. I imagined men in army uniforms with guns, walking on the clouds. They never shot each other though. When I was seven years old I was in the backyard playing with my brother. We started arguing about who looked like who and we both kept saying that we looked like our father. I started thinking, “I don’t look like my dad.” I went into the house and told my father that I didn’t think I looked at him. It was blown off at the time and I was told to go back outside. For some reason it stayed on my mind and I felt in my heart that the man I knew as my dad wasn’t.
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