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Gear Up Your Gold!

Gear_Up_Your_Gold_By_Sherrie_CottonWho looks good in Gold? Keep reading to get the answer!

Everyone looks good in Gold with do’s and don’ts. So, “gear up your gold” for your next style! Wearing gold can be traumatic looking on some. If you are extremely dark toned, gold will make you look darker. It tends to look harsh. If you have dark skin, you can wear gold, but only with brown, tan or white to even things out. You don’t want gold accessories to outshine your natural beauty.

Fair or light skinned complexions look best in gold. It looks natural next to the skin tone. You should wear gold with orange, brown, tan, army green, or white, which will add more of a lustrous look on you!

Gold Do’s

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Dedication to Guru from Gang Starr 1966-2010

618257_dark_rose_aging_1Guru, one of the kings of old school.

Born to entertain and to speak the truth.

Giving real street information to the young and old fools.

His lyrics stand the test of time and make it do what it do.

It’s sad how the new rappers today just really don’t understand.

That it takes more than a hot beat, to make you a genius lyrical man.

On the record GURU said, who’s gonna take the weight?

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