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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, was born August 29, 1958 to Katherine and Joseph Jackson.  For 45 years of his life, he was known for being a great entertainer.  Many forget or don't recognize him for life as a very giving humanitarian, spending hundreds of millions of his personal money to people and charities all over the world.

A Love Gone Astray

brokenheartAfter ten years of marriage and raising our two children, Tina told me, "Maybe we should see what it's like to date other people." I was taken aback, hurt, blindsided and dazed by the sudden blow. I thought that we were happy together but I guess it was just me who had been happy. Tina and I had been an item since junior high school before tying the knot, buying a house and raising our two children, Joshua and Monica. We were a typical middle class family: picnics, amusement parks, movies at the theatre. And I have to admit, Me and Tina were a good looking couple.

I had no idea what to do about Tina's proclamation. But after seeing that look in her eyes often enough - a look that said she was hungry for

The Game

Is in this game489547_cocaine_stripes

You were so mixed

Believe it you was there

She took your soul everywhere


She fooled you into believing

You needed her to survive

But, she destroyed your man hood

With everything you tried

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