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Israelis Commit Identity Theft

Identity Theft
Identity Theft
Identity protection such as Life Lock should have been around to stop the Israeli jews, whom now occupy the state of Israel, from stealing the identity of the Hebrew Israelites. Warning: This information may be enlightenment unto the reader.

After the flood of Noah (Genesis 9:15), his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth repopulated the earth. Fast forward the story to the days of Abram, whom named was changed to Abraham, the Father of many nations. Abraham was a Hebrew. (Gen.14:13) Abraham’s loins produced Jacob, his grandson. Jacob’s name was later changed to Israel. (Gen.32:28) Israel produced 12 sons, whom produced the 12 tribes of Israel, also known as the Israelites. (Gen. 46:26) All were from Abraham, the Hebrew.

The Mind, The Battlefield

HbombThe Atomic Bomb was once the most feared and coveted weapon of the world’s nations. Since the United States of America poisoned the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in 1945, scientists, employed by world leaders, have developed even more deadly missiles filled with hydrogen, uranium, and plutonium. These types of exterminators were the premise former president George W. Bush offered the U.S. public to gain support to send our loved ones off to the slaughter house. Consequently the phrase “weapons of mass destruction”, also known as WMD’s was coined. It is a fact, these weapons do exist, and should be feared. But there is a greater weapon of mass destruction. This weapon could be considered a biohazard armed incorrectly. Nuclear missiles are mere water pistols compared to this weapon, the human mind.

Who's Your GOD?


Freedom is what makes this country such a sought after place to live. As you read these words, somewhere in the world a life is being slaughter for their religious or spiritual beliefs. In the states, there is freedom to worship, Jesus the Messiah, Allah, Buddha, money, man, or anything one can imagine. Who is your GOD?

Those who believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are called Christians. Christians believe Jesus is the Son of GOD, the Messiah or Christ, foretold about in the Old Testament, and manifested in the new. Christian theology is based on the belief that Jesus, the Messiah was crucified on the cross, buried and rose three days later all in order to save mankind from sin. Also, Christ or the Messiah’s body changed forms and ascended into the heaven where HE sits next to HIS FATHER until the appointed time for the resurrection of the followers.

The Uninvited Guests at a 4th of July Family Celebration

172asdfsd66A good friend invited me to her Family Reunion Celebration.  For weeks, she and her mom prepared a wonderful menu, great beverages, and delicious desserts with lots of Southern hospitality.  Little did they suspect, the uninvited guests we call “The Klumps,” would be arriving to eat up all the prepared foods.

It was July 4th, 2010. The day began with excitement of my friends relatives from some of the Northern states of the United States.  I helped my friend decorate picnic tables while her father and brothers set up the family grill.  This was a huge grill her father had made from an old oil drum.  It could cook 10 pounds of chicken along with a huge side of pig.  The women were upstairs putting the finishing touches on the side dishes.  They prepared potato salad, crab salad, collards, turnip salad, macaroni & cheese, pasta salads and many delicious desserts.

Hold The Fireworks!

127dghfbg3960Today is the day the nation celebrates the great victory over it's once oppressor, England. Backyards are filled with savory aromas, gleeful children, and some just glad for a much needed day off with pay. Once the sun sets for the night, the sky will illuminate with fireworks from every township and city celebrating and commemorating the blood sweat, and tears of many young men from long ago. The irony is that these same men, considered traitors and guilty of treasons by some, successfully won their independence and then for centuries afterwards would deprive others of the same freedoms they fought so valiantly to enjoy.

President Barack Hussein Obama, leader of the United States of America is among such oppressed populations. Many nations celebrated as he won a position known to have the highest and strongest color barrier. But is his victory enough for all to forget that in July 1776 not all men or women were free or equal. Can the merciless slaughter of thousands of natives be forgiven with just one act of acceptance? The answers to these questions are debatable. There is a verse in the army fight song that says, 'Proud of all that we have done, fighting til the battle is won.' Yet if they entire history books were opened, nothing hidden at all, George Washington himself would be ashamed.

A Question from 3 year-old Matthew Avery

902lkjhgf-kujhyOne day I was preparing for a Motivational Speaking lecture at an area middle school.  As I was preparing to leave, my 3 year-old grandson, Matthew asked the question, why do you have to leave me and go to speak to the children at school?  I was amazed at how smart he was by asking this question but also happy that he was interested in what I do.

I looked into his large, bright eyes and said, “Matthew there are children out in our world who needs to hear what grandma has to say.”  “Some are in trouble and have a need for someone just to listen and mainly care about their welfare.”  He looked puzzled at first then asked, “Grandma, may I go with you”?  I answered, “Yes, this would be a positive experience for you.  You can meet these children and see and hear what grandma has to say to the youth.”

Summers on my grandparent's farm

766162_3764ojToday was pool day for my 3 year-old grandson Matthew. As I watched him run, jump and scream as he and his little cousins ran in and out of the pool, it brought back memories long ago of my sisters and I and the fun we shared on my grandparent's farm here in rural North Carolina.

I was the eldest being 10 years-old and the sisters, Harriet, 8 years-old, Charlotte, a cousin who was also 8 years-old and Angela, the baby who was 3 years-old, would run and play for hours in the hot summer weather. We chased butterflies, picked blackberries, hopscotch, jump rope and many more wonderful outdoor activities. We put on outdoor plays in the backyard. I pretended I was Diana Ross, singing into an old corn husk grandpa had left discarded outside, while my sisters were the Supremes and James Lee was a one of the Pips. Some children today have no clue how much fun outdoor activities can be. Some of our modern day generation of youth, spend time with video games, MP3 players, cellular telephones, and other activities which can hinder their growth instead of enhancing their social skills.

A Market for Niggas!

1102fdfcvgbh-88520The evolution of communication is amazing. In the beginning of time, the only tool of expression that existed was just a voice box. Everything that happened was recorded orally and retold to generation after generation. Then some form of written communication developed using marks, symbols and pictures. Now fast forward past the inventions of, paper, writing utensils, the pony express, and telegraph, all the way to the world wide internet! The latest news is just a click away and now there is a bottomless market for niggas.

Are you unaware of the market for niggas? Have no fear, just click on youtube, type in “market for niggas”. Scroll to the link with Taalam Acey’s spoken word performance. He thoroughly defines the market for niggas. Exposing this exploitation is nothing new.

A Special Friend

empty_boxI have a special friend who is more like a son to me.  He’s got a heart filled with nothing but love for everyone.  This young man was born into a family who just doesn’t extend him the love he deserves.  When he was born, his mom didn’t want him.  He was adopted to an outside family.  His biological family is many in numbers, yet no one wanted him at birth.  I don’t understand how this family could let someone as nice as him be placed elsewhere.  Sometimes I see sadness within his face.  He longs to be loved and treated with the respect which he deserves.  He told me how evil and hateful his biological mom was, and even his dad never wanted him in his life.  He has aunts and uncles who’re all the same and just cast this young man aside as though he never existed.  I’ve tried to help him in many ways, to overcome all the hurt and pain.  At last this pain has built up so much over the years that this young man wants closure in his life.

My friend told me when he was 13 years-old, he went to seek his biological mother just to ask, why did she give him up for adoption?  He knocked on her door, she answered and he asked her why?  She cursed my friend and told him to never come near her again.  She also told her innocent, 13 year-old son that she hated him.  To this day, he never asked her why the anger or even why the hatred?  I was in shock when he told me his story.  My heart began to hurt and I felt his pain as he remembered his mother telling him to stay away from her.  He just wanted some answers for closure in his life.  She didn’t have to decency to tell him the truth.

Healthy Choices

gymAccording to the {Roman calendar}, more than one hundred - fifty days have expired of a new year. Have your resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle expired too. There’s great news for you! If you are reading this article, then you still have breath in your lungs, which means you still have a chance to recommit or commit to healthier choices.

The excitement of January has dwindled. The new walking shoes have lost the new smell. The brand new iPod is just another toy now. The drawer with all the new workout clothes neatly folded never opens.  The car refuses to even drive by the gym. But all the “slim down yesterday” commercials and genetically slim people are driving you nuts. What should you do? The first thing you must do is turn off the television. Don’t worry you can catch the rerun of your favorite program.

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