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About Us

Welcome to Up The Way Magazine... This is the place where you, the reader, can shine. Unlike any other magazine in the world, you have say so as to what you need to read about. All you have to do is go to our sister website, Devyn's List, at www.devynslist.com and register for free. Then join the Up The Way group and you'll see where to leave your request or suggestion.

I honestly believe that "We are all stars as long as we continue to share the power to shine!" Therefore, I feature not only celeberties that have made it. I will put you in the same spotlight, sharing the same spotlight to gain you recognition. Many talents will be displayed, just as many will be discovered. It's not about me. I dedicate this to you.

We have a Beauty Of The Week and That Dude category to raise the self esteem and change the way we see one another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it's how you see yourself from the inside out. There's no nakedness, size requirements, age limit, or whatever. All that we ask is that you're truly a beautiful person.

Breaking news can be brought to our attention on Devyn's List and we will publish it immediately to inform the world. Any injustice, we are not afraid to publish nor expose.

Black365 is simply celebrating Black History 365 days a year and parting from a mere February celebration. We owe it to ourselves. As I  thank you for joining us.



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