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do i get to say tgif


Do I get to say TGIF?

It seems to feel like this is the beginning of my week…

So many things need to be done yet I sleep…

Eyes may not be close but my progress is at a creep…

Like the old man with his walker, tink! tink!...

I NEED SOME MOTIVATION! So it's coffee I drink…

My Heart Stopped Aching Yesterday


My heart stopped aching yesterday,

It has ached for almost 26 years.

When he acknowledged me as his sister,

I almost burst into tears.

I have seen him in many different places,

I even knew that he was my brother.

But all I could do was look at him,

Because we did not share the same mother.

When he was just a little boy,

I would want to hold him tight.

I knew that I couldn't though,

Even though it would feel right

I didn't want to upset him or his family,

That's the last thing I'd ever do.

Would You Stay?

Would you Stay is my opinion on various real situations in everyday life, if not your life then of264245_whats_that someone that you may know.  I took the time to address them in this simple poem I wrote.  Please take the time out and think about these words!!!!

Would you stay with your spouse if he cheated on you?

Would you stay with your spouse after you’ve done all you could do?

Would You Stay?

Would you stay with your spouse if he called you names?

Would you stay with your spouse playing stupid childish games?

Creatively Yours Poetry


Out of generations of slavery are born people of many colors.

Our identities denied by years of oppression.

We were born proud and true, a race among many,

whom God brought forth, to serve Him not mankind.

We must not hate our oppressors, for the Bible has taught us to love.

We were born out of slavery and put on earth to be free.

We didn’t ask for this life, of beatings and lynching.

We didn’t ask to be raped, and have our dignities destroyed,

our children born of fair skin, blue-eyed and straight hair.

We were born out of slavery, to save all men and women,

from hatred, poverty, but mostly to stand as an equal

in the eyes of all men.

Dedication to Guru from Gang Starr 1966-2010

618257_dark_rose_aging_1Guru, one of the kings of old school.

Born to entertain and to speak the truth.

Giving real street information to the young and old fools.

His lyrics stand the test of time and make it do what it do.

It’s sad how the new rappers today just really don’t understand.

That it takes more than a hot beat, to make you a genius lyrical man.

On the record GURU said, who’s gonna take the weight?

The Mask


Who am I?

The owner of a boarding house full of a hundred personalities

A hundred personalities that made me & still makes me who I am today

I’m a survivor, there’s nothing that I can’t adapt to

I have been everyone around me yet, everyone is not me

I’m the hustler hustler, gangsta, gentleman, comforter, you need comfort

Generous, helper, fighter for those who can’t fight

Thinker for those who just might~ not think

A few mask for the streets

The Job Is Mine

BusinessThey think because I’m a woman I’m shy

Trying to break my will and see me cry

What they don’t get is, I lack weakness

My ability to move mountains is gonna leave them speechless

Not saying this with any conceit

Just gonna take a lot to make me see defeat

I’m stubborn, bold and quite defensive
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