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Fathers Raising Children

1123144_walk_on_pierHave you ever heard the expression "Mama's baby, poppas maybe?” I bet you have and a lot of times that is the case because, a mother cannot deny she is the mother of her child. However, a man can deny his children any day and time, until a DNA results proves him wrong.

Mothers are often forced to raise babies on their own and they hardly get the credit they deserve. Now days anyone can be a guardian to a child. Especially if one or both parents are not in the picture or can not provide financial support for the care of their children.

I remember when I was working for ACS, also known as Agency of Children Services, and came across some cases that did not have a mother in the home. As I began my research I started thinking if the mother was not deceased then why were they not in the picture? I was stunned about what I found. This particular case really touched my heart.

The mother of three small children apparently left them home alone, unattended, with no one around to feed or nurture them. The children included a six year old girl, a four year old boy and a one year old boy. The mother just got up one day, packed her bags and went off to Las Vegas with her new boyfriend of 6 months. She did not even think about the children and called anyone, a friend or a relative so that maybe they could watch the children while she was out of town.

The father called the mother to check on his children and the mother picked up her phone and asked him, "Why are you calling me for?" and hung up on him. He called her back and she answered after five more times of him calling and started to cry. Through the sobbing she managed to tell him, that she hates her life and the kids get on her nerves and she also admitted to him that she did not know how the children were because, she had left them in the house about five days ago to go to Las Vegas with her new boyfriend and adding that she was not coming back home ever again and hung up. He tried to calling her back but, she would not answer anymore and he immediately knew this was not some sick joke.

He ran over to the house, which was a walking distance from his, and while he was getting closer to the house all sorts of negative thoughts were running through his head, Did they open the door and get kidnapped ? Get hit by a car ? and Were they still alive? Shaking in fear, he got a little courage to peek into a window which was near the living room. He located all three of his children, sitting there crying their cute little eyes out,  looking very sad and confused, he was just thankful that they were all safe but, It broke his heart to see them that way.

Thankful that the children's mother had always left spare key under a rug, he retrieved it and opened the door and they immediately looked up at him and stopped crying but,they kept looking at the door expecting their mother to enter it but, she never did although they were relieved to see their father. The children were all dirty and looked frail probably from not eating for all those days. Now, can you imagine even as an adult, how that would feel not eating for five days? The oldest child asked her father, "Where is our my mommy?"  The father just started crying and hugging the children. All that he could do was tell them, "Everything is going to be alright, Daddy is here now."

He reported the mother to the right authorities the same day but, they took his children until further investigation was done. It took him almost three months going back and forth to court to get his children in his custody. He also had to get an extra job and arrange his work schedules to adjust to being a single father, so that he can be there for his children.

He is now raising his three children, with the help of other family members. The children love him dearly but, they do miss their mother each day that passes. It is a shame that this was not the only story I came across, were the mother left her children behind as if they was not even her own. It hurts me so deeply, to see that this happens to children from all over the world. Children which never asked to be brought into this world.

I am a mother of a 13 year old girl and I was a teen parent and I was afraid to leave her with a babysitter, let alone in her room scared that something would of had happened to her. How can a mother do something of such low standard? How can she be so selfish and heartless and leave her kids alone that way ? I was brought up to believe that if you made your bed, you have to lay in it. Simple as that!

Thank God, for fathers like this one, who cared enough to fight for their children. I commend you all and pray that you get the justice you deserve, this is my standing ovation to you.

By: Fiordaliza Charles


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