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Afraid of the Truth

02241622I received an email from a friend of mine today.  After reading the note I was very upset because I knew that my friend was very hurt by the turn of events.  You see, Pauline is an author and she was to have a book signing at her church.  The church has about 600 members so she bought 100 copies of her book to sell at the signing.

The pastor had not read her book and he refuses to promote the book in his church due to the married couple having affairs and there being a sex scene in the book. I have the book called, “Winter’s Kisses,” and trust me there is nothing graphic in it at all.

There is no profanity and the book is a story about a married couple that loses their way and through the help of a missionary is able to save their marriage.

Why are people so afraid of the truth? There is no person on this planet that is perfect. When a priest or pastor molests a child, the congregation will support that person, saying that we all make mistakes. It will get swept up under the rug and the priest is allowed to go to another parish to do it again. If a civilian does the same thing, he is locked up, released from prison, and forever labeled a child predator. Don’t they all deserve the same treatment? When people get saved, many will act holier than thou, condemning everyone that comes across their path. They are king and queen perfection, shooting scriptures like Lebron James shoots balls on the basketball court. There is no room for error until they fall short, then you hear, “Everyone sins and has times of weakness.”

Christians, stop with the false perfection. Stop making it hard for people to embrace the church. One minute your told to come as you are, then when you do you hear, “Girl did you see what that girl had on?” Be honest because you can lie to me but you can’t lie or hide from God.

Try honesty, here is my testimony.

I curse sometimes. You would think I was raised on a navy ship. There have been times when I’ve fornicated. There are times when I’ve lied because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. I have cheated. The list goes on.



I strive everyday to become a better person. The closer I get to God, the more conscience I am of my behavior and I make better choices.


Why do people say that with an air of superiority? Why do people say, “Have a blessed day,” when they are angry and really don’t mean it. If you are blessed and anointed why is there the need to broadcast it? I should be able to see it in the things you say and do. I was told by someone that I had an anointing on my life and because of that I needed to stop posting on Facebook and focus on getting my books out. If that is true, then isn’t it my duty to continue to share the gifts that God has given me? Why does it have to be about money? Would I love to make money from my writing? Yes I would but I also love the joy I bring to people that read my work. To me that is priceless. If I continue to be true to God and myself, then the blessings will come and no person will be able to stop it.

The pastor of Pauline’s church has influence over 600 people and I think that it is sad that he would make a decision without reading the book in its entirety. I am reading the book and I love it and I recommend you all to buy it. There are many people that can probably be helped by her words.

God loves us and he gives us the ability to share our gifts and talents in different ways. To Pauline, I pray that your pastor will have a change of heart. You are truly God’s child because even though you were pained by the decision of your pastor, you still are a loyal member of his church.

To all my friends: Being a Christian doesn’t make you perfect. Exhale and be who you are without shame. Developing a relationship with God is a lifelong process. We will stumble and fall sometimes but as long as we get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again, and believe in the words of our Father, I know we will be alright.

God loves you and so do I!

By: Tiffani McClain
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