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Beauty of The Week: Fiordaliza

Charles Fiordaliza

Name: Fiordaliza Charles
Age: 30
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Nationality: Dominican
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Occupation: Author/Paralegal/Student
Hobbies: cooking, writing poetry, reading, dancing, traveling and others
Talents: author, translator, promoter

Fiordaliza Charles is an amazing mother, daughter, grand-daughter, cousin, niece and friend. Her hobbies, just to name a few include cooking, writing poetry books, reading, dancing and traveling around the world. She is a peoples person and believes that we can all make a difference in the world if we just take our time to get to know one another and communicate with each other without prejudice. Some of her other talents include being an author of short story novels and poetry books and a translator for her mother in many things that she needs done because, she only speaks Spanish. She also enjoys helping Traffican Entertainment and U.G.S promote their music world wide online and off line. She is very dedicated to the group because, they are all good friends of hers and her family and she haves faith that with all of their work and effort they will be very successful and she just wants to see others succeed. She also helps around her community whenever possible by cleaning graffiti off walls, keeping the hall ways clean, helping with bake sales at her daughter school and visiting local hospital to cheer some of the children in the emergency room by giving all of them a smiley face stickers. She recently started her own book club with five of her closest friends and they come together the last Sunday of each month and read a page of her new book “My Poetic Heart” and discuss what they think about what they have read. She also promotes other product that she haves tried herself first to help support local businesses and worldwide also. Fiordaliza is loved by many of her family and friends and who would not want to love a free spirit, kindhearted, self motivated, giving and lovely lady like this one. Who is always looking forward to helping people in need.

What makes Fiordaliza, "That Beauty of the week" is her determination to succeed and help others along the way.

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