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What's Wrong With Our Society?

1164983_happy_family_What’s wrong with our Society?

When I think about the sacrifices I had to make in order to attend a university, I get angry when I see our youth wasting precious time and money just playing around. They walk around with a no care attitude thinking that society owes them something. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity to attend school, they party all night, drive expensive automobiles and living a life of luxury.

All I can say is, “I pity the person who uses their money foolishly on children who just waste it.”

That’s what’s wrong with our society. As parents, some have strayed away from the lessons taught to them by their parents and grandparents. We spend so much time worrying whether or not our children love us instead of

showing them what real love is all about. These children should be raised with a strong work ethic and also respect for their elders. You should hear the filth that comes out of some of their mouths or listen to that filthy rap music they listen to. Parents need to take the time and communicate with these young adults. Listen to them and their music. As a matter of fact, some parents today are no better than their children. I’ve sat in my car at stoplights and next to me is some child’s parent listening to nasty, disgusting lyrics recorded by a rap singer.

I ask the same question again, “What is happening to our society?”

When the devil is in charge, bad things happen. That’s what’s wrong with today’s society.

Mom used to tell us how great music was in her times. There weren’t violent curse lyrics. Singers such as Lena Horne, The O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Dolly Pardon and many others paved the way for us to have great R B, and Country music. Today’s rap artists whose names I can’t pronounce have paved the way to nasty, disgusting lyrics which are destroying our children’s minds. Sometimes I feel as though there’s no hope. But maybe there is? If we take our children to positive concerts, and fill them with good morals and values taught at home, then maybe we might have a chance to save this younger generation.

I pray for my 3 year-old grandson. I pray he doesn’t get caught up into this chaotic society filled with violence and hatred. I worry all the time about our young adults and where they’re heading in life. I see young ladies dressed almost naked, some wearing little to no underwear. I see young men with their pants hanging off their behinds. Some with earrings and some with nose and nipple rings. I come from the old school generation. Back then, if you attempted to show any cleavage or young men dressed the way some of our youth today do, our parents and grandparents would paddle our behinds.

My grandmother, Minnie Daye White reminded my sisters and me of Tyler Perry’s Madea. Grandma didn’t take anything off anyone especially the grandchildren. She loved us, but demanded respect. If you attempted to talk back to her, you were knocked out just like our past heavy weight champion Muhammad Ali did in the ring.

Today, as an adult, I thank God for being raised by strong parents and grandparents. We were taught respect for our elders and learned the words, yes, please, thank you and a host of other courtesy words. If parents today would rule their homes like our grandparents, there would be less gang and drug activity. The best advice I can give to parent’s of today, monitor who your children associate with and always know where your children are before and after school. These are very critical hours during the early stages of their lives. When you do these simple things, your children will have a chance to succeed in life.

By: Cheryl Brown-Avery
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