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Strap Up …It’s Belt Time!

Strap_Up_Its_Belt_Time_By_Sherrie_CottonIt’s time to “strap up” and accessorize with spunky belts!

Fashionable belts can add style and fun to any outfit! Be sure to get the right size! You don’t want your tummy uncomfortable all day. Leather, cloth, snaps or hole-punch belt, it’s just plain old time to add more to that plain old dress, or blouse!

The perfect black dress can sometimes be boring. Be creative; add a belt with embellishment when wearing a plain dress or blouse. It’ll wake up that dress or blouse that’s been asleep on you for years!

You can buy studded belts, big buckles, stretch, or fashionable designer leather belts to compliment any old or new dress! Don't be shy, play with different colors too! Belts typically range in size from small, medium, to large. From time-to-time you

will find small-petite, medium-petite or large-petite. These belts are designed for smaller/shorter people within those sizes. Therefore, for more comfort and the right fit, you want to go with your own size or go up a size. Never go down a size in belt. It will squeeze the life out of you, and make your tummy budge out, which will show what you want to hide! So, learn to camouflage with the right size and the style belt!

Some people don't know or may not care, but belts should be worn looped in fitted pants just under the navel. Make sure your belt fits in every pant loop. Simply double check yourself in a two way mirror. Wearing belts with the loose fitted dresses has a different catch, unless you have a flat tummy to wear a thicker style worn just underneath the breast area. This is a popular 2009-2010 show! Women of all age’s races, colors, and creeds have adopted this style! However, remember this adventure is not for everyone!

Take a quick peek in the mirror, even if you think you’ve got it mastered when you try on belts. See if it looks like you’re trying to stuff yourself into the style by stealing the look from a friend or a popular gym-fitted celebrity! However, it’s okay to celebrate your own curves, but as I always say “do it with class!”

Take notes, and do what you have to do. Be your own fashion police! You may have to write yourself a ticket from time to time. Arrest yourself from fashion frillies! Once a belt starts to split, or discolor--it’s time to give it away to your neighbor’s trash can! If their’s is full, put it in your own trash can. No matter what, if it looks dead---get rid of it! If it’s genuine leather it will last.

Belt Do’s

Do wear a thick belt to give the appearance that you have a thinner waist

Do wear a belt with embellishment or studs if your dress is plain to give it that extra umph!

Do wear belts that are a perfect fit, you will be comfortable all day, and there will be no pulling or tugging at it

Belt Don’ts

Don’t wear a thin belt if you have a thick waist, it makes you appear larger

Don’t wear a wide belt if you have a thin waist, it makes you appear thinner

Don’t wear belts that have split or discolored, it looks cheap

Don’t wear belts that are too big, you will be uncomfortable as well, and may have to keep adjusting it

Cotton tip: Wider belts make the tummy appear thinner. If you don’t have a thin waist, wide belts give the illusion that you do!

By:Sherrie Cotton
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