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Gear Up Your Gold!

Gear_Up_Your_Gold_By_Sherrie_CottonWho looks good in Gold? Keep reading to get the answer!

Everyone looks good in Gold with do’s and don’ts. So, “gear up your gold” for your next style! Wearing gold can be traumatic looking on some. If you are extremely dark toned, gold will make you look darker. It tends to look harsh. If you have dark skin, you can wear gold, but only with brown, tan or white to even things out. You don’t want gold accessories to outshine your natural beauty.

Fair or light skinned complexions look best in gold. It looks natural next to the skin tone. You should wear gold with orange, brown, tan, army green, or white, which will add more of a lustrous look on you!

Gold Do’s

Do wear Gold with brown, tan, dark green, orange, brings out the outfit

Do wear gold if you are fair or light complexion, pops that natural beauty

    Gold Dont's
  • Don’t wear gold with black, navy blue, red—clashes with those particular colors
  • Don’t wear gold if you’re extremely dark complexion, makes you appear harsh
  • Don’t mix and match gold with silver, it makes you appear indecisive
Remember these tips are to enhance your natural beauty, not for insult. We thrive on passing along well experienced fashion tips that will make you pass go!

Still uncertain? Always go into your local clothing boutique or fashion outlet to try on colors, styles, patterns that will enhance who you are individually! Don’t wear what everybody else has on, wear what makes you look appealing to yourself first, and then to the onlooker. As I always stress, it’s okay to ask someone else in the store if you look good in what you’re trying on. Most people will give you an honest answer whether you like it or not, it’ll benefit you later. Every time I go into a clothing store, I can barely shop myself, because women always stop to ask me “what goes with this or that?” But, I love it! I always tell them the truth! I tell them if you want the real answer, you’ve come to the right person! They stand back and listen to my critique, and leave the store a happy shopper! So, make sure to send your girlfriends over to “Up the Way Magazine” to continue to get honest fashion tips by our expert, Sherrie! We believe in individual creative style, instead of collective stumble!

Cotton Tip: Be selective when you gear up your gold with the beauty in your skin tone!

By:Sherrie Cotton
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