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Tie Into A Knot

Mens_TiesMen, you can definitely liven up that corporate suit! Breathe some color into that interview, or corporate meeting with natural individual style!

Accessorize with multicolored ties with suits to bring out the beast in you! Conservatively speaking, wear black, navy suits but open the onlookers eyes by gearing up stripe, polka-dots, and bold printed ties to make that outfit stand out amongst the rest! Tie into the Nottingham look, its trendy, unique and hot!

Once you’ve got your swag on, be sure that your jewelry is coordinated with your suit, nothing too flashy with a conservative suit on. You may mix polka dots with stripes as long as they are in the same color family. A crisp white Ralph Lauren Shirt is always a golden look in a power meeting or interview.

After work you can loosen up your Nottingham look by removing your tie, and open the top two buttons for a more relaxed look. Place your tie in a travel “tie box” to keep it fresh looking. If you don’t have a travel tie box, lay it on the back seat of your car if you’re travelling alone after work.

Quality and a large assortment of ties are sold at various retail shops such as Macy, Dillards, and Bloomingdales. On the more conservative spending end shops, slide into Marshall’s, T J Maxx, or Target. You’re sure to get your money’s worth!

If you don’t enjoy buying ties, ask for them as a gift for your Birthday, Father’s Day, or Anniversary. This way you save your dough, and still look the part! Don’t just be average, be elegant!

By:Sherrie Cotton
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