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Street Persuasion 3

moneyI hadn't seen Dee or Dakim in about two weeks even though Dee had said to me that he was going out of town for only a few days. I got into the routine of going to college and it was nice. The thousand dollars I'd gotten from Dee came in handy, too. I bought some fresh gear, took a few chicks to some nice restaurants and such. I was still unclear exactly what the money was for or where it really came from or even about that day. I vaguely remembered throwing a gun over the bridge after Dee had given me the money after he and Dakim had gone into the building in Harlem.


"Yo, Jamel! Lemme holla at you a sec," Ice G called to me as I sat on a park bench by the basketball courts in my projects talking to Lisa. Lisa was Dee's little sister but she really wasn't so little anymore. Lisa was fourteen when I went upstate and a regular cute little

sister type but when I came out, bang! Lisa had really grown up and filled out in all the right places. I mean really filled out, too! Dudes all over the Island wanted to get with her. I knew she liked me but I just took it as a regular crush or an infatuation with an older brothers best friend kind of thing. But lately she and I had been talking alot and I was starting to feel her. But I wasn't trying to cross no lines with Dee. Dudes is funny like that. They know they sisters are gonna wanna get with dudes and they know how it is with us guys, too. But it's something different if you cool with a cat, like homeboys or somethin'. They don't want you bonin' they sisters. That's how they see it. Even if you really like the girl she's still off limits. (Continued from "Street Persuasion", Part 2)

I got up to walk over to Ice G. I didn't want him to use me as an excuse to get close to Lisa. I caught on to that game early on when I was about fourteen how dudes act like they wanna talk to you if you with a fine honey, knowing that they just want her. Even though I wasn't after Lisa, I didn't want that sucka Ice usin' me to get with her. "Wassup, G?," I asked. He was staring over at Lisa, but talking to me. (See, that's what I'm talkin' about!) "Dakim said 'Wasup. Him and Dee will be back in a coupla days", he said, turning his attention back to me. "What did Dee say?' I asked. "Oh yeah. Dee said, wassup, too", Ice added. Then he walked over to a brand new, sky blue Mercedes drop top with some nice rims. There was an older, spanish lookin' dude driving. As they pulled past me the spanish guy looked at me intently, with a humored yet slight smile and they drove off. It seemed weird. I didn't really know Ice G that well. I just knew that Dee hung with him sometime and I'd had seen him talking to Dakim a couple of times. I looked over to Lisa, who now had some dude in her face, shootin' game, as she smiled. I walked toward my building, got in the elevator and went upstairs.

I had been in the house about a half hour and had just finished studying for a math test I had tomorrow when someone knocked on the door. It was after ten and my mom and little brother, Ray Ray were both sleep. I peeked out the shade and saw Ice Gee and another big dude I'd never seen before. I took my swithblade out, opened it and slipped it in my waist behind my back. I opened the door and stepped out, closing it behind me. "What's up, Ice?"I said with a hard tone, looking at the big dude. "Dakim sent this for you. He said to just hold on to it until he get back", Ice Gee said, holding out to me a black pouch about the size of a kids' lunchbox. I looked at the bag. "It's not drugs. Take it. Dee said to tell you it was cool", he added. I took it tentatively. "Yo, Ice. It's kind of late. If you need to talk to me, don't ever come here. Catch me outside. Understand?" I said, looking him straight in the eyes. He looked at me a second before answering. "I got you. Respect due," he said and turned and left, turning back to say, "Dakim said he respect you doin' the school thing." I went inside, locking the door and went to my room and opened the bag. There was a cell phone, a piece of paper with a phone number on it, and a thick, neatly stack of hundred dollar bills. I counted five thousand dollars. There was a note too in a sealed envelope. I opened it and read, "Call this number tomorrow evening, after seven. Not before." I stared at the bag and it's contents for about five minutes, trying to figure what was going on. I hid it in my closet and went to look in on my mother, then my brother in their respective rooms. I checked again to make sure the front door was locked and went to my room to lay down. It took me a long time before I fell asleep.

All day in school the next day I tried to figure out what everything meant. All of the events that started from the day I met Dakim. The angel dust, the ride Uptown, the gun, the money, Ice G, the spanish guy. The list was long. It was so weird. I'd only met Dakim that one time and now he was a strange part of my life and my having no control of what was happening. What was happening? Dee was supposed to be my friend but he had me in the dark and involved with some shady character who sent thugs to my moms place late at night. Why hadn't Dee called my house? Where was he? The next day as I was leaving Brooklyn college for the day, two detectives walked up to me. The first one was about my height, six feet, with an old fashioned, London Fog styled detective coat. He was a good looking guy, like he should have been a movie star.That's who he looked like! I thought. The nineteen fifties movie star, Errol Flynn, I thought. The second cop looked more like a boxer who had taken too many punches. He looked as if he might've punched a lot of people, too. The tough looking one blocked my way. "Jamel," Errol Flynn said like we were old friends. "My name is Detective Rodgers". ""I'd like to have a couple of words with you. it wont take long. You'll be home well before Seven o'clock. That okay with you?" he asked knowingly. I thought about last night. About Dee. About Dakim. About the gun. About the note last night.


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