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Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Once A Cheater Always A Cheater;


"I can't trust you anymore said, Elizabeth to Oscar whom she has been dating since high-school, her high-school sweetheart and the love of her life and Oscar was caught cheating for the fist time, Oscar replied why, why can't you trust me anymore it was a mistake liz, this is what he calls her when ever he wanted to smooth things out with her or get his way. Elizabeth put her hands on her hip and yells "because you cheated on me and we been together almost ten years'. Oscar then replies "What do you want me to do, you are a NAG and I cant stand you and your ways, thats when Elizabeth realized, he was making excuses for his behavior and she stood from the couch and went into the room and the room started spinning as she seen her life with Oscar flash before her eyes.

As she started thinking of her past with her Oscar, she asked herself if their whole relationship has been nothing but a lie and if the one night-stand that he had was the first time or a sign that she needed to see who he really was before they got married, she asked herself over and over again, if all the fights they used to have about him comming home late from work were because, she knew deep inside that he was out their cheating, she looked at him for answers but, he stood their silently and with a puzzled looked in his face. Elizabeth asked herself, who is this man? and is this the man that I am supposed to marry? Lord help me, she cried in silence, as her eyes began to fill with a load of tears. She got face to face with him and told him that he needed to leave immediately and that she needed a break from him so, that she can get her thoughts together. He did not put up a fight, packed his bags and left.

Days passed by and Elizabeth decided to call him and tell him that the little time they been apart was not a bad idea after all because, it will gave her time to think and he agreed with her that it was for the best because, he missed her dearly. She asked him to come over so that they can talk, the talks became more frequent and he started coming over on weekends and during the seperation he continued to help her out with the bills around the house, called her every day and he brough her self-esteem back up. He also started taking her places that she always wanted to go and lavishing her with wonderful gifts and trips over the next several months and even though Oscar wanted to make love to her, he put his feelings aside and waited until she eas ready and just went with the flow and did not ask for anything from her.

Elizabeth was ready to give in after six months apart but, before she did anything with him again she asked him to grant her one last request, that in order for him to come back home, they needed to start going to a couple's therapy for atleast a month and Oscar needed to come clean with her before they could move any further in the relationship, he agreed with no hesitation because he would do anything to show elizabeth he was ready to put the past in the past and Elizabeth was so trilled that he agreed that she told him that he could spend the night, in the morning they both awoke with smiles on their face and their minds made up that they needed the best therapist that money could buy and the therapy began the following week. They started going twice a week and it was going great for the both of them, as they learned how to communicate with each other better and she was learning to trust him again until, one day while in a therapy session they were being asked a series of questions and Oscar seemed a little un easy and hesitating to answer the questions asked, as if he was not being sincere.

Oscar was asked three last questions about the events which brought them to therapy, how long has he been cheating on her ? and with how many people ? and why? Oscar began to pase back and forth in the doctors office and then he gave Elizabeth and the Doctor a devilish smile, as if he was up to no good. The therapist asked him to sit down next to Elizabeth and to be 100% honest with her, he then turned  to Elizabeth and looked into her eyes and began to replied. He said to her, "I have been cheating on you, over the past eight years", "I had sex with every female I could, at clubs, bars, at females homes, in my car and where ever I could do it at", and I also had sex at work numerous of times and with some of your closest friends because, I hated the way you treated me as if I was a child and always trying to control me' and before she can get a word out, he also admited to having had sex with over 100 other females and let out a breath.

Elizabeth mouth was wide open and her pressure rised and her heart dropped she felt like her heart was ripped out her chest and thrown into a crowd who stump on it numerous times and all she could say was OMG!!! and she grabbed her purse and ran out the office yelling "You son of a (blank) feeling all destroyed inside she went to her car and drove off but, she was also feeling relieved that she knew the truth about him and that she could move on with her life.

Needless to say, that was the last session they ever attended together, never spoked to him again. God works in misterious ways, doesn't he? Elizabeth was very lucky to not have gotten some disease because, of Oscar careless ways.

That goes to show you, how quickly things can change for any of us. I think we all need to stop pertending that everything around us is perfect and that there is no room for this to story to hit home or something even worst. I am always careful with my heart and if I feel a slight suspicious about someone I am in a relationship with, I do my research and depending on what I find, I either let the issue go or leave them right were they stand, I dont have time to play with my heart or with my health, Aids & HIV do not discriminate.

Please do not ignore the signs or you will also end up regreting it later, like Elizabeth did. There are alot of us out there that do not ever realize, that we are sitting in the same room with an Oscar, this is why I decided to share this story with you to open up your ears and eyes.

What are your thoughts on this article and what would you have done if you were Elizabeth, would you have left Oscar the way she did or sticked around and try to make things work?.


By: Fiordaliza Charles




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