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Kibibi Jones The Queen of Melting Microphones

Kibibi_1This vocalist is fierce.What more can I say? Kibibi Jones is here to stay! With her heart felt lyrics mixed with life experiences she wows crowds each and every time. Her expertly unique voice comes out strong and gives her fans a powerfully perfect performance each and every time. Kibibi takes the time from her busy life to give the readers of Up The Way Magazine a piece of her world on and off the stage. No doubt. You've got to read this! Plus, a truly unexpected shout out to those who have inspired her though out the way.

Up The Way Magazine: If you could describe your music genre and style in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Kibibi: My music genre is Soul with the style of gospel riffs.

UTWM: What’s the name of your CD?

Kibibi: The CD I am finishing up on is called Dragon in a Dress. I am already in the works of the next album called


Barefeet on Shattered Champagne Bottles

UTWM: Humm. A very interesting CD title. Cant wait for that! Who would you say is your biggest influence?

Kibibi: It's just something about that Chaka Khan!

UTWM: You’ve been in the business for a while now. How long and where did your journey begin?

Kibibi: My journey began in 4th grade when I sang "Miss Celie's Blues" from the movie Color Purple. It was for a black history program at school. It was my first time ever performing on stage and I was hooked ever since!

UTWM: We all hear about the trials and tribulations the music industry brings. What keeps you going?

Kibibi: Music keeps me going. It's really as if music is its own entity and it possess me. When I throw my hands up and say, "I'm done with this crap! I don't need this headache anymore!", music seems to take over my body and make me crave it more. If it were not for that, trust me I would be done with this. Its kinda like a no good lover. Even after all the heartache it causes, you still find yourself longing for and running back to it.

UTWM: What are some of your biggest successes?

Kibibi: One of my biggest successes is plain ol' surviving! Just still being able to breath and put my feet to the floor each time the sun rises. Its rough out here! Another would be working on an Emmy award winning documentary where I was able to write and perform three songs on.

UTWM: What is your favorite color and why?

Kibibi: I am my favorite color! lol. To be honest it has changed at different points in my life. Bright green has won me over for several years now, however my favorite color combination would be bright greens, purples and turquoise.

UTWM: What makes your style unique from the rest?

Kibibi: Not to toot my own horn *TOOT, TOOT*, but I am a vocalist. Anyone can pick up a mic and sing, but I pride myself in being a true vocalist. A singer with technique and styling. Many others my as well have been popped out of the ice cube tray. They look, sound and are shaped the same way and soon will melt away. Being a vocalist gives you staying power.

UTWM: Do you have a “pre show” ritual? If so what is it?

Kibibi: My pre show ritual is (drum roll).......KNOWING WHAT THE HECK IT IS THAT I'M GONNA SING! Im not a diva. I just show up and try to show out.

UTWM: Can you give Up The Way Magazine one of your most unforgettable moments of your career?

Kibibi: Here goes..... The MC was giving me the biggest intro to the crowd I could ever hope to imagine while I was behind the curtain. I mean he hit all the bells and whistles and the crowd was getting hyped up by each word he gave to introduce me. Then he says "Give it up for Kibibi Jones ya'll!" As I go up the step to the curtain onto the stage, my foot gets caught in the curtain and I tumble onto the stage! It went from a roaring crowd to dead silence! After the crowd and myself got our laughs out I rocked the stage like they'd never seen before!

UTWM: What kind of movies do you like?

Kibibi: I love action comedies or just comedies period. I just realized all of my favorite movies involve Eddie Murphy like Coming to America and all of the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

UTWM: Is your music based on real experiences or do you seek songwriters?

Kibibi: All of my music is written by me and some of my music I have produced myself. All from life experiences or from my heart and soul.

UTWM: Tell Up The Way Magazine readers one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Kibibi: Well from my music most people would probably think I'm this hard, no nonsense type chick. On the real, most people don't know that I am very fragile.

UTWM: If you could give an aspiring artist any specific advice for furthering their career, what would that one piece of advice be?

Kibibi: NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! When you're done with that, NETWORK, NETWORK and then NETWORK a little more. No man is an island in this field.

UTWM: Where can people purchase a copy of your CD?

Kibibi: Lulu.com

UTWM: How else can your fans reach out to you?

Kibibi: I am a Facebook junkie and I will not go to rehab cause rehab is for quitters. Check me out Kibibi Jones.

UTWM: What can we expect from Kibibi Jones in the upcoming months?

Kibibi: Kibibi Jones does not even know what to expect from Kibibi Jones in the next week so you will just have to stay tuned. Hit me up on Facebook.

UTWM: Any shout outs before I let you go?

Kibibi: Yes I have a shout out. I wanna thank all my ex boyfriends and ex loves for being the dirty rotten scoundrels you've been. I want to thank you for not appreciating me and for not taking care of my heart. Thank you for all the tears and tare downs. Thank you for all the lies and all the lilies you gave to make up. Without you guys I would not be the strong singer and songwriter I am today. Thank you again! No, really, thank you! May you all rot in Hell! ROFL!! (Was I wrong for that?)

UTWM: Any last encouraging words for your many fans?

Kibibi: Keep going and the sun is gonna come out soon! Keep going just as long as there are stars and a moon. These tears are just the rain that came along to wash the pain away. I know that if you keep on going God will make a way. -Kibibi Jones

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