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me-n-mach Hopefully, everyone has a dream. In life we've all been in search of our destiny. Oft times we follow others, just hoping someone takes the lead. But at the end of the day, it's all up to you and I. Here's an uphill climb that's not impossible. It's hard work and these are the steps Colorz has taken in order to reach the top.

Q: Who is Colorz?
When I have people ask me that, I believe strongly enough that I can tell them that Colorz is the next big thing to make a change in Hip Hop. I believe that I bring a different feeling to the music that I do.

Q: Where are you from?
I'm from Fall River, Massachusetts. A small town just about 45 minuted from our state's capitol, Boston, Massachusetts. Where I'm from is a difficult place to be heard in music. It's such a small city. With so much talent smashing the competition in Boston, it leaves little room for a talent such as mine. However I'm willing to overcome the odds and put Fall River on the map

Q: What do you bring to the music industry?
What I bring to the music industry is rare. Not only do I have the ability to do the Hip Hop rapping. I also can sing, write my own lyrics and rhyme schemes. I also am learning the ropes of promotion. This enables me to do some of my management which would make it easier for the team. I'm very versatile with my music. I can do sounds from dirty south, sounding R&B, and jump into a Top 40 feel to my music. So I think I bring a rare sort of talent to the music industry.

Q: Who's been your inspiration?

A: I'm always changing what I listen to for music. I like a lot of different artist. Starting off, two of the groups the influenced me would have to be Bone Thugs n Harmony and the Fugees. I used to listen to their albums nonstop over and over, every single day. Then I started getting into listening to Eminem. He's the one that actually made me want to step into the music game and start writing music. I respect his talent so much that I would study his ways of writing and flipping lyrics. Also, I'd listen to underground to mainstream, from Royce5'9'' to Lil Wayne, and Joe Budden Jim Jones.

Q: What's your motivation?
My motavation is more of a feeling than an actual drive to do it for materialistic things. I have such a hunger for music, that something in my body just wont let me stop doing music! If I'm not writing music, I'm strategizing how to come up with better material. Or I'd practice singing hooks and verses for shows. So, I guess you can say my motivation is just a deep down feeling that's just waiting to get that one shot to show the world who I am.

Q: Have you performed live?
I've performed numerous times, at concert halls and block parties. The crowds ranged in the thousands. Also, I've taken my shows to different cities not limiting myself to Fall River. I've toured through different cities and states such as Providence, Rhode Island, throughout Massachusetts and New York.

Q: What does it feel like to move the crowd?
It's an undescribable feeling when I look into a crowd of thousands of fans. They are singing my lyrics, dancing to my music, and applauding when I'm finished! Goose bumps run up and down my skin and honestly it makes me want to not stop performing! It boosts my adrenalin up! There's really not another feeling like it in the world! If I would have to compare it to something, which is a difficult comparison, I would just say go on the biggest, fastest roller coaster you can find!

Q: Do you write your own material?
Yes, most definitely. I write my own concepts, lyrics, and rhyme schemes. I also have written hooks, verses, and helped on rhyme schemes for various other underground rappers. It usually doesn't take me long to write a hook for a song. I hear the beat, and if I'm really into the music most of the time it just pops into my head. It comes to me instantly.

Q: Have you collaborated with other artist?
I've collaborated with other local artist like Brejan, the son of the former Grammy winning group, Tavares. Also, while working with my radio station, 36oh radio, it has given me the opportunity to work with artist from the vh1 white rapper show, Sullee. I've become friends with Boston's Reggae phenomenal, Mighty Mystic. I also am in the mix with DJ's around the globe like: Jammin 94.5's DJ Petedown and Coast to Coast Mixtape DJ Femmie, just to name a few.

Q: What would you consider yourself, an R&B singer or an overall entertainer? Why?
An overall entertainer because I can hit more aspects in music than just singing. I range from song writing, singing, and rapping. My live shows are a must see! It's not your every day local show, where rappers are just standing around and rapping about whatever it is they're saying. I actually try to make my shows a show, bringing dancers into the picture and getting the crowd singing along with the music.

Q: Where can we find your music besides here at Up The Way Magazine?
You can find my music at www.colorz.upthewaymag.com and www.reverbnation.com/colorz where the fans can download free songs. Also you can find my music at www.myspace.com/colorzrap Here you can read up on show dates, blogs and more. Lastly, catch my radio show live with DJ Sammy Clawz at www.36ohradio.com

Q: Do you have a fan club? Where can people join?
I have two fan clubs. You can visit one of them at www.devynslist.com Just go to the group section and you'll see Colorz .It will be right on the screen and you can sign up for free and gain access to more Colorz. Also the second one is at www.reverbnation.com/colorz where you can become a fan of mine, download music, get show dates, win prizes and also join my mailing list. That way when the news about Colorz happens, you hear it first.

Q: You have a hot song with JT. I see the both of you are putting Massachusetts back on the map. How does that feel? Any pressure?
Yes. We have recorded the song called '' So Cold'' which is the single for JT right now. We do have other tracks in the process as we speak. It feels great to be putting Massachusetts on the map, because hip hop was originated on the east side. I feel like me being from Massachusetts, I'm keeping that alive. There's always a little pressure. It's not because I'm not confident in what I do. I feel more pressure about time. I wonder, will someone notice me and realize that I can make great music for the world. This is in time before its over. Let's face it, every artist has a beginning and an end to there career. I'm just praying that I get my recognition before the stories over.

Q: Any shout outs?
I'd like to give shout outs first and foremost to Brian from Troy City Entertainment, for working his tail off and getting our music spins around the world! I'd like to thank DJ Sammy Clawz for introducing me to the radio aspect of the game and also helping me out with my music! '' We gon' do it Sammy!'' I'd like to thank my family for being a huge help in pushing my musc! One of the biggest thank you's going out to all my fans! Let's take over and put Fall River out there! I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to my boyz, BEN and Shane from Up The Way Magazine for giving me a shot to be heard! I appreciate all of what you're doing for me . Shout out to my Digi Boy Crew Geezy, Nahlidge, DJ Kid Malado, and the 36oh radio team! Shout out to B Boy Junyyahh for helping me out! Djing when I needed the help! Keep doin ya thing! And also, can't forget my man, Young Bangerz! Keep doin ya music! And thank you the readers of Up The Way Magazine!

You can checkout some of my music below...




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