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Black Men! Don't Give Up


I see Grandfathers everywhere, strong and proud, holding the family together.

I see Uncles, Brothers, Fathers and others trying to make a home where we are looked upon as equal, not inferior.

I see businessmen, Doctors and Lawyers, smart black men all with a common goal.

To achieve high standards of living;

To achieve a better way of life for their children and their children’s children;

To achieve a dignity where no man is counted as number one, but as partners trying to establish a better way of life;

I see our elders, men who have seen more than any of us in this millennium could ever imagine.

Their faces worn from past experiences.

Doors closed in their faces.

Food so expensive they could hardly feed the family.

Times so hard they wanted to give up, but they struggled to survive.

These men are God’s children, strong-willed and able to withstand the forces of time.

I see God’s mercy and all His goodness surround these men with his mighty arms and say:

“Black men, don’t give up!! Don’t give in!!!”

“I am with you every step of the way.”

By: Cheryl Brown-Avery
Last modified onSunday, 28 March 2010 19:07

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