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Sleeping with A married man!

l_862629d902994a93acecc991f0be3d95BAILIFF: State your name for the court.

TIFFANI: Tiffani A. McClain

BAILIFF: Ms. McClain, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


JUDGE: Ms. McClain, have you ever had sex with a married man?

TIFFANI: Yes I have.

GASP!      O-M-G!      I DON'T BELIEVE IT! 

Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to announce that I have made many poor choices in my life. I am super happy to say that I have repented for my sins and I believe in my heart that God has forgiven me and has thrown my ugly past out of his memory bank.

A Ho Needs 2 Stay In A Ho's Place

Has a ho ever called your house playing on the phone? Or left her underwear, lip gloss or hair pin in your home to let you know that she had been there? Has a ho sent you a letter, text or an email? Has a ho ever keyed your car or slashed your tires? If so, this book is for HER! Help a ho out and send her a copy of this book! Now I know what you re thinking and you re probably saying Forget dat ho! but real talk...Help a Ho Out, you may be saving someone s life!!! A Ho Needs 2 Stay in a Ho s Place is a handbook for ho s. The vision to create such a handbook came from years and years of passing on the same advice to many women, both young and old. I have been selling shoes in Detroit, Michigan for over 13 years and for some reason, numerous of women have entered my store asking for my advice or opinion regarding their relationships. However, most can not handle the truth. Many have had attitudes and disappear for a while and a few have totally stopped patronizing my business altogether. Nevertheless, I feel that the time has come to put it in writing. This handbook provides the same information I have passed on over the years however one can now have the opportunity of processing the information alone and in the comfort of their own home. Attention Non-Ho s: Please find the following reading enlightening and entertaining, however do remember to never become a ho . If you do have a moment of weakness and fall under the spell of ho-ism, please remember to stay in your place!

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me_with_BibleThere are many in life that have no clue to what living is all about. All I ever knew growing up was church and God. Both of which I came to find out does not match up to what I was told. Church as we know it, for many, has become a place of bondage rather than a place liberty. God, as we know Him, is much more than what we have been told. Church for many has become the place of identity, where it is expedient that everybody knows your name. Even in our MEGA churches there are mini churches formed throughout the congregation. We have become what others expect us to become rather than what we were created to be.

Let’s look at it. If enough people told someone that they are called to be this or that, even if they know themselves that is not their destiny, depending on the status of the person who told them, they become what others expect them to be.

For example, there are far too many man made Bishops, Apostles, Elders, Pastors, and Ministers walking around proclaiming to be called into ministry. These self made or

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