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Afraid of the Truth

02241622I received an email from a friend of mine today.  After reading the note I was very upset because I knew that my friend was very hurt by the turn of events.  You see, Pauline is an author and she was to have a book signing at her church.  The church has about 600 members so she bought 100 copies of her book to sell at the signing.

The pastor had not read her book and he refuses to promote the book in his church due to the married couple having affairs and there being a sex scene in the book. I have the book called, “Winter’s Kisses,” and trust me there is nothing graphic in it at all.

There is no profanity and the book is a story about a married couple that loses their way and through the help of a missionary is able to save their marriage.

An Origin Called Black History

old_black_couple Since the dawn of mankind people have always adored their grandparents. There are those of us that would agree, it’s like the single most and greatest sense of love and power that any human could ever imagine. This is not to say that we do not love our mothers. Yet, grandparents are a never ending source of comfort and support. The same is true for Black History because our grandparents are Black History. Behind those big beautiful brown eyes is a depot of toughness and strength that has realized a dream walk down the yellow brick road. They have envisioned this walk from the mud houses of Mississippi to the black iron gates of the White House.

My Louisburg College Days

Cheryl_Brown_AveryOne of the best times of my life was spent attending Louisburg College in Louisburg, North Carolina. Although this college was small in size and number, I gained knowledge from my professors that have enabled me to be the person I am today.

I loved attending a smaller college. The faculty and staff get to know you one on one. At larger universities, you’re only seen as a number. I've always been able to relate to a smaller school's faculty because they made me feel like I mattered. That’s how it was for me at Louisburg College.

When I first began, I’ll admit being a little afraid, probably because of my age. I assumed the students wouldn’t be

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