updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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DV "Domestic Violence"

MJJ_R.I.P._Im_SO_SADThe other day I walked into a cute little clothing store in my neighborhood.  When I walked inside I was immediately asked by the salesperson to give my opinion about a dress that a customer was trying on.  I told the customer that the dress looked great on her and that I was hating a little bit because she was in such great shape.

The woman looked at herself in the mirror, danced around a bit, and then decided to buy the dress. The salesperson then turned in my direction and asked if there was anything that she could help me with. She was a pretty woman, shorter than me, medium brown complexion, short black hair, and she was a little chubby. After a second, I noticed something very familiar about her. She had a black line under her right eye. I’ve seen that line on my face three times in my life. The salesperson acknowledged my recognition and with words unspoken I told her that I understood and there was no need to be embarrassed. After some small talk and looking around the store, I grabbed a business card, said goodbye, and walked out the door. I looked up to the sky and said a silent prayer for the sister.

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