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Disrespecting the Dead!

769391_cemetary_roadI am writing this because yesterday I was on AOL and I read that Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s “friend,” and dermatologist said that Michael had a gay lover.  For many years people all over the world have had things to say about Michael Jackson, so that is nothing new.  What pissed me off is this man, a supposed friend and confidant of Michael Jackson, would put him out on Front Street, when he is not here to defend himself.

I can go online and see dozens of pictures of Dr. Klein and Michael smiling and I can’t help but wonder what horrible things people will say about me after I leave this earth. The man has children, parents, siblings, and friends that love him and are forced to defend him when they should be allowed time to mourn his death. People will say that he was in the public eye and to that I say, “SO WHAT!” Who Michael Jackson had sex with is none of my business. I don’t believe he was gay but even if he was, again, it is not my business.

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, was born August 29, 1958 to Katherine and Joseph Jackson.  For 45 years of his life, he was known for being a great entertainer.  Many forget or don't recognize him for life as a very giving humanitarian, spending hundreds of millions of his personal money to people and charities all over the world.

For Love or Money


Patricia was from a middle-class suburban family; her parents struggled to put her through college, yet she became a M.D. She dated insufficient men, lowering her standards, but soon she got tired of dating broke men. She met a handsome gentleman named Michael, a successful established Lawyer, with money. He lavished her with all kinds of gifts, and he gave her the world! Yolanda, Patricia’s best friend was a jealous, lowdown, woman that despised what Patricia had. So, she crossed the line by coming on to one of them, and trying to destroy their relationship and careers. Did she succeed? Did Yolanda want Michael for herself or did she want Patricia? See how their friendship affected and infected the whole family with lies, greed, promiscuity, lust, sexuality and even suicide…even future generations!

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