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Afraid of the Truth

02241622I received an email from a friend of mine today.  After reading the note I was very upset because I knew that my friend was very hurt by the turn of events.  You see, Pauline is an author and she was to have a book signing at her church.  The church has about 600 members so she bought 100 copies of her book to sell at the signing.

The pastor had not read her book and he refuses to promote the book in his church due to the married couple having affairs and there being a sex scene in the book. I have the book called, “Winter’s Kisses,” and trust me there is nothing graphic in it at all.

There is no profanity and the book is a story about a married couple that loses their way and through the help of a missionary is able to save their marriage.

Sleeping With My Cousin's Husband


When I first heard the story, I was beyond shocked. I mean, I’ve always heard of similar situations, but not once did I think it would hit close to home. A close family member revealed to me that she was sleeping with another family member’s husband! My eyes widened in disbelief and my mouth formed dry. I couldn’t believe that she could be so scandalous and had the nerve to act like she was proud of her actions.

One year, we were all hanging out at one of our traditional family reunions, when a cousin of mine approached me.

It had been a while since I last saw her, so I figured I would take the time to chat with her and catch up on some things. During the midst of our conversation, I noticed that something had her attention. She didn’t seem as in tuned as she once was. She was frustrating me because at first, I thought she was being rude. But when I followed her eyes, I noticed that she was staring and more like flirting with the husband of one of our very own cousin. I hoped my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I didn’t take it as much, at first. After we were able to finish up our conversation, we went off to mingle with other family members. When the event was just about over, she ran up to me again and told me she needed to talk to me about something important. I agreed and when she revealed what was on her mind, I nearly jumped out of my pants. She confirmed my assumptions and told me that she had been sleeping with our cousin’s husband behind her back! She didn’t even sound remorseful. Said that the affair had been taking place for some time; even before the two got married.


African-American Men in 2010

190848_tradesmanSome of our African-American men of 2010 have strayed from the strong values and lessons taught to them by their African-American parents and other descendants when it comes to a relationship between themselves and the African-American women.  Just reflect for a few moments and understand what I mean.

My mother is a very wise woman.  She learned from having been born and raised by an even stronger African-American woman, my grandmother. When my sisters and I were young, mother and grandmother would have the talk, you know, about boys and men.  I listened as grandmother explained how back in the early years of our nation the men were great husbands and wonderful providers and protectors for their families.

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