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My Forever Airplane

My Forever Airplane
The idea of death and dying can be very frightening and confusing, especially for the young. This children's book offers a journey through this often difficult subject matter, through the eyes of a child. "My Forever Airplane" is an uplifting journey of love, hope, and understanding. This book is designed to foster dialogue with our children; an opportunity to express their fears, ideas, concerns, and to ask questions: An opportunity too great to miss.



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Changing The Music Starts At Home

1219020_notePeople keep saying the music today sucks; that it’s oversexed, arrogant and materialistic.  That may be somewhat true, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely shallow.  By compassion today’s music may not seem as poignant as the past, but it must not be dismissed.

Popular music, especially from black artists, is a window into who and where we are as a society. It isn’t the music that causes the problem, but rather the converse. It’s time we learn to read between the lines.

The music is materialistic because of our distorted sense of success. It's just like the times when black kids were inspired by the allure of neighborhood drug dealers, pimps and pickpockets.

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