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Falsely Accused

1231735_thumb_print_1Approximately 7 miles from our nation's capital, on March 31, 2010,  a drive-by shooting took place leaving four people dead and five others wounded. South Capitol Street has seen it's share of violence, as well as the eastern part of Washington, DC.

People were congregated on the front stoop of an apartment building, having just returned from a funeral at about 7:30 p.m. when a silver Chrysler minivan pulled up and shots rang out. Shortly after, a police chase began through Prince George County in Maryland , where it ended in the 700th block of Yuma Street SE. During the chase an AK-47 type weapon was seen thrown from the vehicle and other weapons were recovered inside.

Orlando Carter and Nathaniel Simms, both 26, were arrested when the chase came to a halt. The driver, an alleged 14 year old was

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A Question from 3 year-old Matthew Avery

902lkjhgf-kujhyOne day I was preparing for a Motivational Speaking lecture at an area middle school.  As I was preparing to leave, my 3 year-old grandson, Matthew asked the question, why do you have to leave me and go to speak to the children at school?  I was amazed at how smart he was by asking this question but also happy that he was interested in what I do.

I looked into his large, bright eyes and said, “Matthew there are children out in our world who needs to hear what grandma has to say.”  “Some are in trouble and have a need for someone just to listen and mainly care about their welfare.”  He looked puzzled at first then asked, “Grandma, may I go with you”?  I answered, “Yes, this would be a positive experience for you.  You can meet these children and see and hear what grandma has to say to the youth.”

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Augusti Torres

Augusti TorresMany men, in particular, want what they want when they want it. Oft times we make mistakes or bad life choices for the sake of the almighty dollar. Yet, we can have a good life and have nice things through perseverance and patience. I am very observant to those around me, being that I've moved to a new city. It's city, but not so hardcore whereas the people here haven't forgotten how to smile. I see the street corners with a few lost souls, just like how some of us once were on.

However, doing this visual of my new surroundings, I saw a car that was in the process of being what we call "hooked-up or pimped out". I didn't know who's car it was, but often I seen him in passing. We, being so typical and judgemental, we'd assume this guy had to be a hustler or involved in negativity.

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