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Falsely Accused

1231735_thumb_print_1Approximately 7 miles from our nation's capital, on March 31, 2010,  a drive-by shooting took place leaving four people dead and five others wounded. South Capitol Street has seen it's share of violence, as well as the eastern part of Washington, DC.

People were congregated on the front stoop of an apartment building, having just returned from a funeral at about 7:30 p.m. when a silver Chrysler minivan pulled up and shots rang out. Shortly after, a police chase began through Prince George County in Maryland , where it ended in the 700th block of Yuma Street SE. During the chase an AK-47 type weapon was seen thrown from the vehicle and other weapons were recovered inside.

Orlando Carter and Nathaniel Simms, both 26, were arrested when the chase came to a halt. The driver, an alleged 14 year old was

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Katie Washington

katie_washingtonBlack 365 is not necessarily Black History being something of the past. It's about giving proper recognition to those making a difference that either has or will eventually shape and change the world.Then again, if one second passes by, then technically it's history.

The University of Notre Dame recognized Katie Washington as the first African American Valedictorian. She maintained a 4.0 GPA, while majoring in biology. With all of that going on, she also managed to mentor in Catholic Social-teaching. Ms. Washington has her sights set for John Hopkins University to further her education. The Medical field seems to run in her genes, a family destined for success. Katie's father, a doctor, mother a nurse, one brother finishing up his residency and one employed at British Petroleum.

Beneath the microscope Ms. Washington has studied the mosquito, one in particular, which carries yellow fever and dengue, at the University's Eck Institute for Global Health. Lung Cancer has been also one of her major concentrations also.

First Black Romance Novelist, Elsie B Washingston

Washington-BerniceElsie Bernice Washington is credited as the first African-American author to publish a romance novel with a black heroine and a black hero. She published her book, Entwined Destinies, in 1980. After completing college she worked as a writer and later as an editor for several publications. Some including: The New York Post, Essence, Life and Newsweek.

Also, Elsie majored in English at the City College of New York , graduating with a bachelor's degree. Her novel tells the story of a smart, attractive, black female journalist whose romantic dreams came true through a handsome, black, oil man.

She sold Entwined Destinies against the odds. For years black writers attempted to sell stories and establish romance novel formulas. However, black characters were only  discouraged by

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