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Single on Valentine's Day

valentine love

For as far back as I can remember, there was always an unnecessary hype about the need to have someone for Valentine’s Day. Women would always expect to receive a gift of some sort from their significant other or sometimes, someone else’s man. Many times I believed it to be a way to compete with the next chick˗˗˗˗˗˗you know: who’s with who and who is getting what. If you ask me, I believed it to be somewhat immature.

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Dedication to Guru from Gang Starr 1966-2010

618257_dark_rose_aging_1Guru, one of the kings of old school.

Born to entertain and to speak the truth.

Giving real street information to the young and old fools.

His lyrics stand the test of time and make it do what it do.

It’s sad how the new rappers today just really don’t understand.

That it takes more than a hot beat, to make you a genius lyrical man.

On the record GURU said, who’s gonna take the weight?

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Builders And Destryers

701577_maskWhat side you’re going to play on today? Cause two faces doesn’t move in one way


We get into a heated discussion because the one you loving is out there loving, and you know who she’s sleeping with and you can’t do nothing, now I’m channeled for your dumping


23 & 1, a scar and 5 more years away from your love ones & your love ones still come. What are you thinking, your family needs yet your priorities are more towards some cripples or those that bleed... Destroy!

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