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Blind Eyes

253599_sunglasses_2Ignorance. A “disease” that taints the mind. If you know its power, then it’s probably infected you, too. No one is immune. Not even me. As a 38-year-old man, I can now pinpoint moments of ignorance in my past, but one moment sticks out...
I was in study hall, my freshman year in high school. Bill, a 16-year-old young man I’d known since childhood, sat across from me. He reached under his desk for a Trigonometry textbook.

My eyebrows flew up, jaw dropping. Bill? In an advanced Math Class? Impossible.

Why my shocked reaction?

Simple. I had learned blacks couldn’t excel in higher learning. Like I said, ignorance.

Media warped a negative view of my own (still does). It spread cancerous propaganda about black people almost daily, its virus poisoning young minds--even those in the same skin.

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Vernee Andrews - Poetry


Give me one good reason . . .

Not to stay

But to live

Something I can believe in

Besides the nothing that I feel

My heart is dead inside


Cold and still

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