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Vernee Andrews - Poetry


Give me one good reason . . .

Not to stay

But to live

Something I can believe in

Besides the nothing that I feel

My heart is dead inside


Cold and still

So give me one good reason

Just one reason

To live




You threaten me with hell

Claim that I am filled with hate

Say I'm mean to the core

Beat me til my body shakes

Burdened me with insults

Condemning all I tried to be

You said the hate was mine

Yet it was you who hated me

Just because I wasn't proper

And appeased to just sit by

Chose to run and play

Instead of lie and cry

You tried to break my spirit

And you destroyed my pride

Taught me to hate myself

And allow my dreams to die

And now I look in the mirror

To see a face that I despise

A body that's too big

That no clothes can disguise

Because when I see myself

It's not my eyes I'm looking through

My vision is now distorted

To see me as you do


Bitter Familiar


Again I'm here
I find myself
Tears have dried
I'm done crying
For now
Until that moment
After love
Trapped in heartbreak
And betrayal
I am lost
Drowning within
My own emotion
In silent torment
Of my own making
From misplaced trust
Unwarranted forgiveness
That tends to forget
The throbbing pain
Of the past
That joins the present
To steal the smile
Fills the eyes
And leaves the heart
In the bitter familiar


Change Of Address

I'm moving

My heart's been displaced

Seeking shelter

Outside your embrace

Traveling light

Just my emotions and me

Blocking memories

From love's cruel uncertainty

I'm leaving

Outside and on my own

Emotions leaking

So far from my home

Just hoping

That someday I will find

One heart

With the same address as mine


Behind The Lie

Don't tell me you love me
Don't stand there and say "I do"
Don't say it's to make me happy
How can I be happy living a lie with you?

Don't act like you care
Don't tell me what I want to hear
Don't just play the role
Don't pretend you don't see my tears

If it's not what you wanted
You could have just let me know
If I'm not what you needed
You should have just told me so

If it was all an illusion
You could have been said good-bye
We could have skipped this moment
Of lost behind the lie

Don't act like you're the victim
When it was your charade
Even though I have to admit
It was a nice role you played

Cause I was dumb enough to believe you
In the moments that we shared
That when you held me in your arms
That you actually did care

And I never once realized
There was motive behind your kiss
I thought "at last I've found him"
Only to have really have found . . . this

That moment of realization
When the tears are long from dried
That all we had really shared
Was the life behind the lie

But I can't say I didn't love you
Or proclaim my love has stopped
Or even say that it didn't hurt me
To pretend my heart didn't drop

Truth is my soul is aching
As I found my purpose gone
As I find myself simply staring
As I find myself alone

And though they say all wounds heal
By the simple past of time
It will take beyond forever
To erase you from my mind

You left on my request
Though I yearned to say "let's try"
I watched you pack your things
And managed not to cry

Until the door closed in finality
Until my heart felt the good-bye
Until here is where I find myself
Still loving the man behind the lie

Not Guilty

You demand a confession

From your mind's suggestion

That I may have done

Something you perceive as wrong

Quick with accusation

At my slight hesitation

And now you say that I

Have told some kind of lie

But there is no indiscretion

No call for you to question

Any action of mine

Done at any point in time

And because I turn away

And refuse the right to say

Something to my defense

When to me it makes no sense

You want to declare

That though you weren't there

The fact that I was gone

And you were left alone

Is all the proof you need

To verify my misdeed

Especially since I don't try

To come up with an alibi

I just want you to trust me

The verdict's in: Not Guilty


Will he miss me?

Not the tears

But the years

That have passed

The memories

That disappear

From the mind

Over time

When the love is gone

And a house

Is not a home

When I'm lying in bed

All alone


What went wrong

And the questions

They always come

One by one


What could have been done

What could have

Been said

Echoes in my head



Then there are the regrets

That always

Come next

Because my heart forgets

The heartbreak

The ache

Of all the mistakes

And this too


And again


Of the forgiven lies

The real truth

That my heart denies

Knowing my destiny

And whats meant

to be

Won't change

To please me

If it doesn't coincide

Although a thousand times

I've tried

To make it work

Despite the hurt

But fate remains

Forever unchanged

And does nothing

To ease

The eternal pain

From the refused

Last name

By the one

Chosen as he

That decided

He didn't want



Back In Time

The choices we make

Most when it's too late

We choose to let go

Holding tight to our hearts

As they try to break

Over our sad mistakes

And oh how we cry

And wish for a way

To travel back in time

And utter the words

We couldn't say

But how different would it be

To whisper goodbye

A few moments before

To close a chapter

That opens a door

To the tears we shed

For a few moments more

We reduce our memories

And the love that remains

If we can erase the years

What do we do with the pain?








You said you loved him

And vowed forever

For better or worse

You'd be together


You said you loved her

And pledged your heart

Through sickness and health

Til death do you part


And now you're leaving

Going separate ways

Removing wedding bands

Casting love away


But what of the children

With tears in their eyes

Trying to understand

As daddy says his good-byes


"I'll see you this Christmas"

You promise each child

But it's only September

So that's quite a while


Going to court

Fighting for custody

Belongings are divided

And so is the family


You said you were in love

But now turn your backs

You're both giving up

Where's the commitment in that?


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