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New York EMT Accused Serial Rapist

New York EMT Accused Serial Rapist
New York EMT Accused Serial Rapist
The arrest of one of New York's finest has shaken up the Big Apple! Angus Pascall, an FDNY EMT, was arrested on July 21, 2010 and charged with at least five counts of armed sexual assault, which includes sodomy. It appears that when he's on the clock he saves lives, and on his personal time he ruins them.

Brooklyn neighbors can now breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to one of the victims, an 11 year old, who provided the police with this sketch.

The 11 year old victim says after returning from walking her dog, she was approached in her Brooklyn apartment building, on the elevator, and sodomized by Angus Pascall.

There was another break in the case when another victim came forward and provided police with a license plate number of her attacker, when she was raped.

Pascall was a paramedic, working in Canarsie, which is not to far from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn where he resides. This just so happens to be the same vicinity that all of the alleged sex crimes took place.

The string of alleged crimes began:

1. In 2001, in her Flatbush home, a 22 year old woman stated that the alleged suspect, Angus Pascall, entered her home armed with a gun and raped her.

2. In May, 2009, on her apartment building elevator in East Flatbush, a 19 year old woman said she was sodomized by the accused, Angus Pascall.

3. In Canarsie, a 14 year old girl says she was sexually assaulted by knife point and gun point by Pascall.

4. Just 2 weeks ago, the 11 year old, who provided the sketch, says in her Crown heights apartment building elevator she was raped and sodomized.

5. Lastly, Monday, July 17, 2010, a 20 year old woman says, while walking in Canarsie, she was forced into a car and raped by Pascall.

In two of the cases involving elevators, Pascall has allegedly used his "Universal Fireman's Key" to lock the victims inside the elevator, according to detectives.

Thus far, 3 victims have positively identified Pascall as their attacker, and in all of the cases, there's DNA evidence pointed to the one suspect.

Clem Williams, a neighbor of Pascall's was surprised by the allegations. He went on to say, according to news sources, "This guy can get any woman he wants. He has a body, he got a good look. He's a hard working guy and this is what it comes down to. I guess you never know."

Brooklyn residents had a very different comment on the matter. They said, "It's a good thing they got him. He's a pedophile. We have a lot of children out here."

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