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Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession

Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession
Texas Mother Kills Her Autistic Children - 911 Call Confession
Saiqa Akhter, a 30 year old mother, places a 911 call with a shocking confession. As you'll hear from the video added below, Ms. Akhter placed a call from her Irving, Texas home and openly admitted killing her two children. She states that the cause of death was strangulation.

The 911 operator remained calm and asked the proper questions paying close attention to detail. The mother calmly explained in detail all that transpired. In the conversation, she told the 911 operator, " They are blue and their heart is not beating!"

The 911 operator asked key questions as to "How did she kill them and why?"

 Saiqa Akhter remained calm, saying that she feels nothing. Her reason for killing her children was, in her own words, "Because they are autistic. I don't want kids like that! I want normal kids!"


Her english wasn't that clear, but clear enough. At first she tried to give the children, ages 3 and 6, some type of poisonous liquid or solid by mouth, which they wouldn't swallow. Then she resorted to strangling her two children with some type of wire.


The 911 operator did an excellent job keeping Akhter on the telephone until Irving, Texas police arrived at 3300 BLK. Esters Road. The 911 operator instructed Akhter to stay on the line with her and to go outside with phone in hand to meet with the officers. She calmly followed the instructions and met with the officers, who took her into custody.

The 30 year old, Saiqa Akhter is now facing capital Murder Charges.


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