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Healthy Choices

gymAccording to the {Roman calendar}, more than one hundred - fifty days have expired of a new year. Have your resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle expired too. There’s great news for you! If you are reading this article, then you still have breath in your lungs, which means you still have a chance to recommit or commit to healthier choices.

The excitement of January has dwindled. The new walking shoes have lost the new smell. The brand new iPod is just another toy now. The drawer with all the new workout clothes neatly folded never opens.  The car refuses to even drive by the gym. But all the “slim down yesterday” commercials and genetically slim people are driving you nuts. What should you do? The first thing you must do is turn off the television. Don’t worry you can catch the rerun of your favorite program.

Now that you’ve clicked the fat box off, walk back into the kitchen and throw that sugar filled, fat storing guilty pleasure into the trash can. And while you’re at it, open the refrigerator and freezer and get rid of all the old snacks and unhealthy foods you broke down and bought again. Now give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first steps to getting back to a healthier you. You have just resolved to get back to a healthier you. Don’t worry about how long it’s been since you’ve been to the gym, or last walked, deter you from starting or starting again. It’s only too late after the casket dips. And exercise and water are two of best ways to fight back against diabetes, obesity, anxiety, stress, and any other ailments that plague the human body and mind.

The statistics estimate 3.7 million or 14.7 percent of all non Hispanic blacks, age 20 and older have diabetes. Obesity is another killer, with more than 72 million adults overweight, 45% blacks. Smoking, AIDS/HIV, and mental health issues all are claiming lives by the thousands.  A little exercise performed daily can go a long way to fighting these detriments. The mental benefits alone should be enough persuasion to get moving. Research has shown that exercise releases the feel good chemicals of the brain known as endorphins. These chemicals produce a euphoric feeling many only associate with toxic drugs. Also exercise increases body temperature which may have a calming affect. Exercising boosts confidence and self esteem, frees the mind from worries, and provides a chance for more social interaction. The myriad of benefits are really endless. When you start making healthier choices, it seems absolutely stupid to smoke, over eat, and/or engage in unhealthy activities like unprotected sex. Why work so hard in the gym or wherever but put your life on the line in the bedroom? Don’t forget the awesome benefits of good old H2O. Our bodies were created with water, submerged in water, and therefore needs water. Water is the best cleaning agent for the body. Toxins and fat cells are flushed away with water consumption. The market is flooded with health drinks but none of them can compare to the benefits of good old water.

Exercise and water are just two of the best ways to improve your health. What is the number one way to live a healthier lifestyle? If you answered good old fashioned prayer, you’re absolutely correct!  Researchers found that people who pray regularly are less likely to become ill and they heal faster when they do compared to people who didn’t. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, investigators discovered that people who attended religious services once a week and prayed at least once a day or studied the Bible frequently were 40% less likely to have high blood pressure than people who didn’t or did so with less frequency. The mantra, life is fragile, handle with prayer, appears to be much more than just a catch phrase.  The power of prayer is definitely a life improver; just ask Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Regardless the season, it is always a good time to make life improvements. Healthier choices are not hard at all. Prayer, water, and exercise are all you need. A word of caution: Don’t be fooled by the oiled up models advertising “fast and quick” results. Healthier habits are a life long commitment and your body will respond accordingly.


By: Byron Griffin
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