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Sleeping With My Cousin's Husband


When I first heard the story, I was beyond shocked. I mean, I’ve always heard of similar situations, but not once did I think it would hit close to home. A close family member revealed to me that she was sleeping with another family member’s husband! My eyes widened in disbelief and my mouth formed dry. I couldn’t believe that she could be so scandalous and had the nerve to act like she was proud of her actions.

One year, we were all hanging out at one of our traditional family reunions, when a cousin of mine approached me.

It had been a while since I last saw her, so I figured I would take the time to chat with her and catch up on some things. During the midst of our conversation, I noticed that something had her attention. She didn’t seem as in tuned as she once was. She was frustrating me because at first, I thought she was being rude. But when I followed her eyes, I noticed that she was staring and more like flirting with the husband of one of our very own cousin. I hoped my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I didn’t take it as much, at first. After we were able to finish up our conversation, we went off to mingle with other family members. When the event was just about over, she ran up to me again and told me she needed to talk to me about something important. I agreed and when she revealed what was on her mind, I nearly jumped out of my pants. She confirmed my assumptions and told me that she had been sleeping with our cousin’s husband behind her back! She didn’t even sound remorseful. Said that the affair had been taking place for some time; even before the two got married.


Her words disgusted me and I asked her if she had lost her mind. How or why would she cross those lines? I was angry at both him and her. They knew better. She had the nerve to tell me that they even had sexual encounter in our cousin’s bed! That took the cake and I gave her a piece of my mind. Whatever happened to love and loyalty? I threatened to inform our cousin and she begged me not to tell. What would that make me if I didn’t? Why would I withhold such details? She had a right to know what was taking place, because I am a firm believer in “doing unto others what you want done unto you.”

I found myself in the middle of family scandal and it broke my heart to have had to break such news to someone who I loved and cared very much for. We were a family. I loved them both to be honest, but there are certain things that shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s a shame that you really don’t know who you can trust. Why is that the ones we love the most, are the ones to hurt us?

Anyway, after I threatened to expose her, she claimed she would never speak to me again. I told her to do what she had to, because I was not going to condone her actions. Once the secret was finally out, she maliced me for years. It hurt that I had lost friendship with my cousin, but right was right, and wrong was wrong. That was something that I couldn’t allowed to be swept under the rug. She divorced the family after everyone tried to show her her faults, but she claimed we were trying to gang up on her. She moved away and our other cousin ended up divorcing the man, who turned around and married someone else.

Blood should be thicker than water, but people will be people and it’s a shame that things had to be that way. I say to you, know which lines you should and shouldn’t cross, because many times, we aren’t able to go back over those lines. Loyalty is important and don’t think about your own feelings, but think about those who can be hurt by your actions. If something isn’t right, it just isn’t, and we should seek different outlets to pacify our desires. Treat others how you want to be treated, and learn to be considerate. Some things in life just aren’t worth it!

Best Regards,

Nakiesia Reid

Author of Love Finally and Sex Secrets of a Gemini


By: Nakiesia Reid

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