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Abortion and its Consequences

baby Several years ago, I knew a girl who became pregnant at the tender age of fifteen. She kept her pregnancy a secret from her family and friends, because she feared that they would judge and chastise her. She never sought medical assistance and continued her daily life as if nothing had changed. She presented no illnesses that are associated with pregnancy, so no one really took notice or suspected that something was up with her. However, during her 5th month of being pregnant, her mother noticed that her daughter’s stomach had grown to an abnormal size. She questioned the teenager, who denied that anything was wrong. Not the least convinced, her mother went out to


purchase a home pregnancy test and demanded that her daughter take it. When the results came back positive, the mother’s heart was broken. Her innocent child was no longer innocent and her life would be ruined before it even got started. Her child was a sophomore in high school and like all parents, she had high hopes with big dreams for her daughter to graduate high school then go off to college. But do we realize that we cannot always determine the direction of our future? Sometimes, God has his own plans for us and will put a detour on the plans we have for ourselves. With her mind made up that no child of hers will give birth to another life at the young age of fifteen, that mother was determined to carry her daughter to the clinic for an abortion! Gasp! OMG!

After the procedure was complete and successful, the teenager was forced to go on birth control now that she was discovered to being sexually active. She did what most daughters would do and took the pills to make mommy happy, but that only lasted a short while. The teen then started to resent her mother, who thought she was doing what was best for her child. But was it the best solution or was she trying to rid herself from shame and gossip from those in the community?

Not long after, the teen girl would rebel and run away from home. One year later, she was pregnant again and when her mother found out, another abortion was in order. Do we as people have the right to terminate the life of another without seeking permission from God, the man who awarded us the privilege to give life to another? The year after that, another pregnancy was in place. What happened to using protection? Regardless, another baby was aborted and this time, the young girl attempted to take her own life by overdosing on pain killers. She was placed in a psych facility for her abrupt behavior. They placed her on a twenty four hour observation to make sure she would not be any harm to herself or that she would not harmful to others or repeat her suicide attempt. For a person who has gone through that many abortions, it had to have messed up her mind. Having her wondering about the child she’d killed, even though the choice really wasn’t in her hands.

It became a trend that each year, the young girl would wind up pregnant again and when she did graduate high school, her mother agreed for her to bring forth the current child she carried. When I look at the pattern, I questioned if those children were to be brought into this world for a purpose? Each time one was abolished, God always planted another one until his seed was fruitful and born. We must learn to analyze situations and observe patterns because many times, they are signs from God himself. No one knows what the purpose of that child is, but time will determine. He could be the magnet to strengthen the relationship between the young lady and her mother, considering all the she’d went through. There is a purpose for us all. We were not created by mistake, but for a divine function and an appointed will. God uses us in his own time. So the next time you consider to have an abortion, ask yourself, what is God’s purpose. One day, we will have to answer for the choices we made while we walked this earth and like anything else, whether positive or negative, abortion has its consequences.

A positive choice, i.e., going to college and getting that degree, results many times in getting that well paid job. That the consequence of going to college.

Buying a gun and using it to kill someone will have you in jail. Going to jail and losing your freedom is the consequence to purchasing that gun and using it for the wrong reason.

So think before you act! Everything comes with a price and abortion is included.

After everything that went down, after that child was born, the young girl never got pregnant again!

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Author of Love Finally


By: Nakiesia Reid

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