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My Louisburg College Days

Cheryl_Brown_AveryOne of the best times of my life was spent attending Louisburg College in Louisburg, North Carolina. Although this college was small in size and number, I gained knowledge from my professors that have enabled me to be the person I am today.

I loved attending a smaller college. The faculty and staff get to know you one on one. At larger universities, you’re only seen as a number. I've always been able to relate to a smaller school's faculty because they made me feel like I mattered. That’s how it was for me at Louisburg College.

When I first began, I’ll admit being a little afraid, probably because of my age. I assumed the students wouldn’t be

receptive towards me because I was older. Yet, what I found was they liked me. They treated me as though I was just another youthful student eager to learn like themselves. I was even invited to numerous parties and games. Of course I never attended. However, it was the fact that they were considerate enough to ask that counted.

I was a commuter student, but was still kept abreast of any activities that took place on campus. My favorite was attending the musical concerts and simply being a part of the campus. I never knew what living on campus among this younger generation was until I attended a major university, which required residing in campus housing.

During my semesters at Louisburg College, I worked part-time as a substitute teacher, raised a daughter and still maintained a 3.89 g.p.a. Sometimes I wondered just how I’d make it. There were nights when I was studying; constantly interrupted by phone calls, my daughter’s issues, and other problems which kept me in constant turmoil.

Somehow, God saw me through those rough times and made me who I am today. There were times I didn’t know if I would succeed, nonetheless I refused to give up. I have had much stress in my life. School was the best outlet for me.

If there is something you enjoy doing, and you’re good at it, the best advice I can give anyone is to, "Never give up on your dreams!" Many successful people today will tell you the same thing. Remember, "Never let anyone or anything destroy your happiness!"

I remember telling a friend when he asked me for advice regarding what shold be his major in school. I told him to major in something he's good at and minor in something he likes. At first he seemed puzzled. Then later on when he decided what he wanted to study, what I told him began to make sense.

I have many things I’m good at and several I enjoy. It wasn’t difficult to choose Criminal Justice and Human Services because they both work hand in hand. I’ve spent most of my life working with people in one occupation or another. It was evitable that I was destined to spend my life serving others. I shared this story of my life with all of you to give our youth the incentive to want to achieve education as much as I did. Although being older, I found that school was great. I loved it, and so can all of you. Just figure out what you want out of life and the rest will come.

By: Cheryl Brown-Avery
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