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Incest My Experience

IncestAre you aware that mostly every adult and child has heard of, or experienced, sexual abuse within their own family? It's better known as incest. I assure you that my experience isn’t much different from yours. Yet, I've chosen to share what happened to me.

At the tender age of nine, I woke up to a family member’s hand inside of my pajamas. His other hand covered my mouth to keep me quiet. After a few unbearable times of this abuse, being scared to death, I built up enough courage to run and tell my mother. Unfortunately, only to have her betray me as well. He had convinced her that I was dreaming and that she should put me back to bed. The fact that my mother didn’t believe me hurt that much more.
Especially, when I found out that she also was abused by a family member as well. I felt that she should have protected me.This experience devastated me for years. It caused me to do things to myself that I wouldn’t have normally done. I became very manipulative, not trusting, and I even mistreated my body sexually.

Ironically, my mother had been with this man for over four years. There was never a sign that he would do anything like this. I guess he was just waiting for me to start developing into a young lady, which I did at a very early age. Thank God I overcame the devastation after years of counseling and writing a book about it.

Some women would prefer having the love or security of a man. Rather than, to believe that her children are being abused by her boyfriend or husband. What is it that makes some women think that a man is worth more then someone she gave birth to? Men are moved into our homes without thoroughly knowing who they are or where they have come from. The signs and symptoms of abused children have been overlooked. Simple things like grades begin to fall, attitude changes and/or the child doesn’t want to be in that home any longer.

Women, we have to do our homework. Just because he can talk a good game doesn’t mean he has game. Just because he looks good doesn’t mean he is good for you. So what if he has a little bit of money. That doesn’t mean he's rich. The safety of your children should always come first. Incest/Abuse is a disease that no one wants to talk about. There are so many children and adults that have been affected by it. Believe it or not, no one knows or will ever know this is happening or has happened. It could be your next door neighbor, your co-worker, your best friend or that person you’ve sat next to in church. This takes a life time of healing and it takes believing in God, believing it’s not your fault. Most importantly, it's believing in yourself.

By: Renetta Cochran
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