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Profitting From Your Skill/Talent


Do you have a skill or talent? Then why not put it to the test and let it make you money?

The government states that the economy is in a recession and people are getting laid off left and right. Now would be a good time to put your skill or talent to the test. If you are unemployed and money is of the essence, discover your talent and use it to make a profit.

As you read this, you’re probably asking yourself, what am I good at? Well, little do we know that our greatest talent can sometimes be that very thing we use on a daily basis. Are people often coming to you for advice? If your answer is yes, then guess what? That is a talent.

Not everyone knows how to give commendable advice and if people are often seeking your input, then it clearly means that they trust and believe in what you have to say. There was once a young man who always gave free counsel to his peers and when he took notice of the trend, he decided to charge a small fee. When he realized that people were actually paying him for his advice, he one day got an epiphany to write a self help book to assist others all around the world that may be experiencing issues like those who sought his help daily. Now with that, he also became a motivational speaker/life coach and a self made entrepreneur. He is now worth millions. He was smart enough to recognize his talent/skill and formulated a way in which it would benefit him in a profitable way.

Find out what it is that you are good at and what is it that you enjoy doing. For someone who is good with computers or enjoy surfing the web, that individual may want to consider starting a blog or filling out surveys online and get paid for it. If you are good at persuading others, visit your local library and read books about marketing. Maybe you are good with art and you enjoy painting. Sell your pictures online. How about purchasing do it yourself items such as jewelry and create your own accessories? That would be a good thing to market online. We know how much women like to accessorize. If you have not realized it by now, the internet is a great source to network and get recognized. But it is up to you to put yourself out there. Your skill/talent will not work if you don’t work it! Maybe you enjoy sports. Then why not research on how to coach others and start a camp where parents pay you to train their kids? Nothing is impossible! Try to discover what it is that you are good at and make it profitable for you! There’s no better feeling than having money in the bank!


By: Nakeisia Reid
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