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Single on Valentine's Day

valentine love

For as far back as I can remember, there was always an unnecessary hype about the need to have someone for Valentine’s Day. Women would always expect to receive a gift of some sort from their significant other or sometimes, someone else’s man. Many times I believed it to be a way to compete with the next chick˗˗˗˗˗˗you know: who’s with who and who is getting what. If you ask me, I believed it to be somewhat immature.

Valentine’s Day was intended to spread love, but shouldn’t we show love to one another on a daily basis? Men or Women shouldn’t wait until February 14th to buy gifts for those they care about. What about showing up with a gift on any random day just because? Not that I am knocking it, but I really want us to see the value of love and appreciation for others.

Why is it that some women and men would lower their standards and sometimes settle for anyone to spend this day with? Is it really that serious to necessarily have someone to spend V-Day with? Would they lower their standards any other time? For instance, there’s this young lady on the job who finds a male co-worker attractive. She’s flirted with him from time to time, but got no reaction from him. Mind you, this fellow knows that she has a thing for him. Now Valentine’s Day rolls around and he has no one to spend it with. Not wanting to feel like the outcast to his boys, he feels the need to get laid so that he too can have something to brag about on the basketball court. So he takes advantage of the moment to ask his admirer on a date for the night, but never calls her after that night is over and acts as if nothing ever took place between them. What do you think of that? There are many ways to fill that void. After Valentine’s Day is over, then what? I know what, you find yourself single again!

What about loving ‘you’ and celebrating ‘you’ on Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of options besides settling for the next thing smoking to make you feel special. Women, what about getting together with your other single girlfriends and going out to dinner or hitting a dance spot? Slip into that tight red dress and feel good about yourself. Get your hair and nails done as if you do have a date, but knowing that you are your own date. Why not buy yourself some roses and a box of chocolates? Shoot, you love yourself so much that you may even throw in a teddy bear! You can even have a girl’s get together at a hotel (to get away) or someone’s house. Make mimosas or any cocktail of your choice and kick it like those women did in Waiting to Exhale. Remember, you don’t have to settle! Live and enjoy life as it is. Learn to love you first and then others will follow suit. Of course no one wants to be single, especially on V-Day, but the reality of the matter is that there are a lot of single men and women year round, but you have to know how to make the best of your single life until that special someone comes along. If you don’t feel like being in the company of your female friends or anyone else, then why not take a soothing bubble bath with a relaxing glass of wine? Light scented candles and order take out. On your way home pick up your favorites movie from Blockbuster or any video rental joint and relax. Give yourself a relaxing facial, manicure and pedicure. I mean do something for you. Anything that will relax and put your mind at ease….make you feel good. When you learn to enjoy being in your own company, then you will allow others to enjoy you just the same. Remember, a person is bored if they are boring!

For the fellows, I did not forget about you. To the single men on V-Day, don’t just get with a Shorty because you want to get some for the night. Remember that respect is still needed, both for you and the woman. Instead, get together with a few of your home boys and go to a strip club or shoot a few rounds of pool. Hanging with your boys on V-Day is not GAY! Sometimes men can take this gay stuff overboard. It takes a real man to know who they are and know their sexual orientation and feel comfortable with themselves. Who says that men can’t have a certain brotherly love for their homies?

So you see ladies and gentlemen, let’s not become oblivious and allow society to cause us to lose ourselves for a day. Love happens 24/7 365 days of the year. Don’t just chose to love on one day, but every day. Don’t let Valentine’s Day ruin the friendship or relationship that you may have with others. We all need love in our lives on a consistent basis, but the real love starts with loving yourselves first and not depending on others for love or to show us love. So tell me, do you think Valentine’s Day is indeed overrated?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and happy loving YOU!


Yours truly,



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