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Showcase of Silver

Showcase_of_Silver_By_Sherrie_CottonSpring into the “showcase of silver!”

Silver shoes can be coordinated with navy blue, black, white or almost any color! Sassy silver is becoming for warmer climates! Weddings, birthday parties, or just to go out on the town!

Jazz up your silver shoes with a beaded hand held purse to give the accessories that pop! Choose styles that enhance your feet as well as your legs! Always paint your toes when wearing sandals, or have a pedicure. If money is an issue, do them yourself. But, never wear sandals without a pedicure or freshly painted toes, it’s the first thing people will see when they look at your new hot summer sandals!

Silver is a lively accessory that is sophisticated, and stylish! It shows individuality, and should be considered with

your skin tone, as well as your outfit for the day.

As mentioned above, silver accessories look especially elegant with light or navy blue, white, or black. You can double-up silver arm bangles for any occasion. Fashion magazines have shown example after example over the years, but they have never told you tips that will enhance both you and your outfit along with skin tone!

If your silver begins to tarnish, you can shine up your silver with tooth paste, and an old toothbrush to keep that glow! Gently rub it on the jewelry until the piece come back alive! Place a soft cloth over your jewelry to keep a fresh appearance.

If you wear costume silver jewelry, before washing your hands, remove your rings so that it doesn’t oxidize your rings. The same applies when you shower; remove any silver necklaces, rings or bracelets that are costume to keep its natural glow. Nothing looks worse than when you are all dressed up, with tarnished jewelry or faded out pieces on.

Looking for real silver, with little money? Pawn shops are the worlds best kept secret for wonderful pieces of authentic silver jewelry accessories. If you are low on cash, and want a quality piece of silver, head to your local pawn shop! They receive all kinds of professional tested merchandise from clients that are simply tired of their old jewelry. You may get lucky and find heirlooms that were traded in for cash, rings traded because the client is no longer married, etc. Either way, pawn shops carry a variety of great pieces that will be affordable to your lifestyle.

Silver shoes, whether a flat or heel is a natural head spinner! Don’t go for the Wizard of Oz spin! Pair it up with a silk skirt or blouse. But wearing silver shoes has to be done with class! Wear the shoes; don’t let the shoes outshine you!

Cotton Tip: Silver looks great on dark complexions. It helps to bring out the natural beauty and doesn’t clash with skin tone!

By:Sherrie Cotton
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