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All Of These Years

We often wonder whygold_rings

The two of us can never see eye to eye.

Another sigh, again I cry.

Yet we try and try and try.

Hating the thought of having to say goodbye.

But why?


Oh my, the sky is high and the leaves are falling.

No one told me.

No one warned me.

Of the life this has come to be.

Is it you or is it me?

It really doesn’t matter to me

Because the sky is always blue

Whenever I’m near you.

No one knew.

Not me. Not you.

No time to blame.

I know my name.

I’ve got game.

Still sane.

This voice in my head keeps telling me

Teaching me and finally I can see

What you really mean to me.

More precious than gold

A story now being told.


In this great world

If this boy never met this girl

Or this girl never met this guy

Of which the Universe determined why,

We wouldn’t have had the chance to

Bring our story to life.

And you know just like me

This learning process has been rough

And in the end we were meant to be.

If I wasn’t for you and you weren’t for me

Us as a whole, would never be able to see

What it is that we were supposed to see.

Trials, tribulations and all,

That I’m for you and you’re for me.

For eternity?


We’ll just have to see.

Until then,

Let’s just do our best to stay happy.

By: Kanika A. Reese

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