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The Mask


Who am I?

The owner of a boarding house full of a hundred personalities

A hundred personalities that made me & still makes me who I am today

I’m a survivor, there’s nothing that I can’t adapt to

I have been everyone around me yet, everyone is not me

I’m the hustler hustler, gangsta, gentleman, comforter, you need comfort

Generous, helper, fighter for those who can’t fight

Thinker for those who just might~ not think

A few mask for the streets

Robin Hood, take from the grimy, give to the needy

I don’t need you, you need me, a face only a mother can love

Yet a face more addictive to my love then drugs

An expression of a heart cold as ice.

It’s family’s day out, I’m nicer than nice

A leader by day, a child by night

Stern with my workers, soft towards my wife

A hundred personalities everyone someone sees

A hundred different faces, yet all of them me

By: Ahmad (Marly Savage) Muhammad
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