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The Job Is Mine

BusinessThey think because I’m a woman I’m shy

Trying to break my will and see me cry

What they don’t get is, I lack weakness

My ability to move mountains is gonna leave them speechless

Not saying this with any conceit

Just gonna take a lot to make me see defeat

I’m stubborn, bold and quite defensive
Don’t go for stupidity and you won’t catch me apprehensive

I don’t want you patting my back

Telling me assertiveness is what I lack

I will take this company by storm

Leaving them all wishing I was never born

I think for the most part they are just unaware

The only reason I can think of for why they try to treat me unfair

But I will stand here and continue to bask in pride

Letting them see the confidence in my abilities that I will never hide

So while they continue to look for someone else to fill that CEO position

I am sitting here with my lawyer giving my deposition

By:Tomica Bonner
Last modified onThursday, 15 April 2010 12:52
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