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My Town - Louisburg, North Carolina


My Town resembles Mayberry, North Carolina.

It’s a little touch of Aunt Bea with a large dose of Barney Fife,

and a taste of Andy Griffith.

It’s small in size but large in pride.

It’s the only town I feel safe.

My Town specializes in good home cookin’,

with an accent of Southern Drawl.

It’s Bake Sales, Fire Department dinners,

Girl Scout cookies, Church Socials, Apple Cider,

Turnip greens, Collards and Mom’s Apple Pie.

It’s the Murphy House, Pizza Hut, CVS,

Winn Dixie and Subway.

It’s the Louisburg Movie Theater,

Louisburg College, Baseball,

Soccer and High School Football.

My Town is Love, Peace, Happiness and even Sadness.

My Town is the Town Hall and our lovely Mayor.

It’s fighting crimes with the Louisburg Finest.

Its Church Programs, Bazaars and Choir Anniversaries.

No matter what the occasion, Louisburg knows how to have fun.

My Town consists of Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers,

Aunts, Uncles and children everywhere.

Its Doctors, Lawyers, Beauticians and Politicians.

It’s everyone I love and respect so highly.

I thank the Lord each and everyday,

for sending me to my second home,

Louisburg, North Carolina.

By: Cheryl Brown-Avery
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