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Color Of My Emotions

Dress me in silence.

In your finest shade of gold.

Not the gold intended for fools

Because I'm the real deal.

Promise me the world

When I would have settled

For a cloud in the sky

Or a star at the death of day.


My stance is like my stanzas


And never weakened with time.

Head held up as proud

As the mighty oak tree grows.

Kissed by the sun

From my head to my feet.

Dress me in silence,

But address me as Shari'.


I'm crying late at night

But smiling through my days.

I'm a kind voice from a stranger

That won't always remain.

I'm the willow tree that grows

In the secret garden

Of a young mans heart.

I'm the wind of comfort.

The tear drops of rain.

A woman who was mistaken

For rose petals singed in a flame.

Rose petals turned golden

As it noticeably wilts away.

Dress me in

The color of my emotions.


By Shari

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