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For Love or Money


Patricia was from a middle-class suburban family; her parents struggled to put her through college, yet she became a M.D. She dated insufficient men, lowering her standards, but soon she got tired of dating broke men. She met a handsome gentleman named Michael, a successful established Lawyer, with money. He lavished her with all kinds of gifts, and he gave her the world! Yolanda, Patricia’s best friend was a jealous, lowdown, woman that despised what Patricia had. So, she crossed the line by coming on to one of them, and trying to destroy their relationship and careers. Did she succeed? Did Yolanda want Michael for herself or did she want Patricia? See how their friendship affected and infected the whole family with lies, greed, promiscuity, lust, sexuality and even suicide…even future generations!

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Running With Another Man's Number

Running_with_another_mans_number1How many times have we found ourselves borrowing something from someone.  Some of the things we borrow we don’t even need. Still there are something’s we need just for the moment. We borrow ideas, looks, even our behaviors are  borrowed.

The truth is, there really is nothing new under the sun. People are making thousands, no millions of dollars everyday by borrowing something that was here long before they were ever considered. Nothing I write here is original, nothing you read here is original, most of the time it is a perspective. Everything that is has already been and all that will be was once here before.

  You see, what I have come to realize is that with all the technology  that we have today, there is still nothing that can compare to the human body. We are a complex piece of work. We are the only thing that is original, one of a kind. There never was and never will be another copy of you. Yet we spend much of our time in life trying to be like someone else. That is rather ludicrous if you think about it, here we are trying to duplicate something that was duplicated from something else duplicated, and so on. Have you ever stopped to consider, "Why you are so unique, so different, so special?"

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