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Natalie Randolph, Calvin Coolidge High School Football Coach

Natalie Randolph
Ms. Natalie Randolph has become the second woman in the nation's history to hold the position as the Head Coach for a Varsity High School football team. At the tender age of 29, she is presently the only woman in the nation to hold the position.

Calvin Coolidge High School has embraced their Biology and Environmental Science teacher. Their support has been tremendous. Behind the scenes, she did met with some of the players to answer any questions that they may have had. Overall, it appears that a warm embrace is present.

Her love for the game of football goes back to her early childhood. In high school, she actually wanted to play, but her father told her no. She moved on to college and participated in Track and Field.

 Returning from college her love for football lead her to tryout for a woman's professional football team in DC. Holding the position of Wide Receiver, she helped the DC Divas clinch the title in 2006. In total, Natalie played 6 seasons. Her former team mates made mention, "Don't let her soft spoken personality fool you. She's as tough as nails!"

Dr. Charles Drew: Blood Brother


He attended Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in the nation’s capital and graduated in 1922, a time where America was hearing the voice of its’ 29th President over the radio for the first time. It was there he began to stand out athletically, participating in everything from baseball, football, basketball, swimming to track and field. Upon graduation, he received the James E. Walker Memorial medal, named so after the black officer of the First Separate Battalion from D.C. in 1896. This distinguishing acknowledgement was one of many to commemorate Drew’s all-around athleticism and an introduction to his dexterous leadership.

He went on Amherst College in Massachusetts, a liberal arts school where he aptly served the schools motto “Terras Irradient”, Latin for “Let them give light to the world”.  And that he did.  Although his physical skills yet again earned him prestigious athletic awards and acclamations, they served more as stepping-stones to his other goals. After graduation in 1926, he briefly taught and coached at Morgan State University in Maryland, earning enough money to afford medical school. In 1929, Drew entered McGill University in Canada receiving his M.D. and Masters in Surgery in 1933. While attending school in Canada, Drew became acclimated with the study of blood transfusion, the field where he would go on to lay fundamental groundwork.


Katie Washington

katie_washingtonBlack 365 is not necessarily Black History being something of the past. It's about giving proper recognition to those making a difference that either has or will eventually shape and change the world.Then again, if one second passes by, then technically it's history.

The University of Notre Dame recognized Katie Washington as the first African American Valedictorian. She maintained a 4.0 GPA, while majoring in biology. With all of that going on, she also managed to mentor in Catholic Social-teaching. Ms. Washington has her sights set for John Hopkins University to further her education. The Medical field seems to run in her genes, a family destined for success. Katie's father, a doctor, mother a nurse, one brother finishing up his residency and one employed at British Petroleum.

Beneath the microscope Ms. Washington has studied the mosquito, one in particular, which carries yellow fever and dengue, at the University's Eck Institute for Global Health. Lung Cancer has been also one of her major concentrations also.
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